How to Tell if Someone is Monitoring Your Computer at Work

How to Tell If Someone is Monitoring Your Computer at Work 1 - How to Tell if Someone is Monitoring Your Computer at Work 3

If you work in an enterprise organization, the chance that your computer is being monitored is very high. The main reason of this policy is to protect harmful program accidentally injected to the computer and ruins everything. It can lead to data leaks and hijacked system. Also, it ensures employees to work as it should be by not giving completely free access.

Someone inside the offices might be monitoring the entire worker’s computer to prevent them spent more time on social media instead of duty. That’s good to keep up the productivity, but some people might uncomfortable with this rule. However, what if they’re not? What if you actually not being monitored? How to tell if someone is monitoring your computer?

To figure out whether the workers are monitored or not, you can follow at least 3 (proven) tips below.

#1 Check Task Manager to see monitoring program

How to Tell If Someone is Monitoring Your Computer at Work

Most companies using third-party monitoring software which enable the executive to see what you do with company’s computer. As I mentioned before, that’s not a spying, but actually, a policy to protect the organization. Assuming your work computer using Windows, you might able to check from Task Manager whether the computer is been monitoring.

Simply by right-click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager. On the tab process, find out a program that potentially a monitoring program. You might want to check out a top monitoring software to help you determine the name. If you found it, it means you are being monitored.

So, can I kill the program?

Technically, yes you can, but personally, I highly not recommend that action. The administrator probably gets a warning from the system and come to your room to enable it back. Even worse, they might replace your position.

How about uninstalling the program?

It seems impossible since it was installed by the administrator and the computer you used is a client. Uninstalling the monitoring program may require permission from the upstream which apparently not feasible.

Unplug the Ethernet cable?

Between admin and client computer generally linked by Ethernet cable which also responsible for internet connections. When the cable is detached, the system will immediately identify which the device has been disconnected. Albeit the system did not send any notification to the upstream or they just ignore it, you lost the network. But, the good news is, the monitoring access has been deactivated.

#2 Ask ‘indirectly’ to the administrator/IT team

How to Tell If Someone is Monitoring Your Computer at Work

Not all monitoring software has a presence in a Task Manager. Some of them are more advanced, they run in the stealth-mode and not appear on the installed programs. So, how to deal with it?

According to my experience, you can ask the admin, IT team, or whoever entity that responsible to watch the workers. I mean, not asking if they tracking you. They tend not to answer such questions. Instead, ask a slick question to ‘provoke’ them reveal whether they track clients computer. For example, this is a question that I’ve been used previously (and it works).

Joe, can you come here? I have an issue of my computer.


But Joe (not a real name) is not coming to my block. Instead, he gains access to my computer to resolve the problem remotely. For your information, average monitoring software has a features sort of remote control that can be used to the client computer.

From there, I realize that I’ve been monitored. You can create other variations of the question.

Mark, I have a problem here, can you fix it remotely?

Wade, my monitor just freeze, can you see it from your own?

Nelson, would you like to guide me to blah blah blah?

And more trick question that I can’t tell here. Use your instinct to build a perfect question based on the situation, or maybe create your own situation for this.

#3 Look back at the hiring agreement

How to Tell If Someone is Monitoring Your Computer at Work

Some companies will tell you if they monitored the workers. It has been written on the hiring agreement or company’s rules. If you still have the document, try to read it again carefully, you might find the hidden information you missed. But some companies also not clearly telling the employees about this rules.

If your boss is a good person and appreciates the privacy concern, perhaps he/she happily answer your question as long you didn’t have ‘other’ intentions.


There are many ways to tell If someone is monitoring your computer at work, for example by detecting from Task Manager, make a question to the administrator, or look back the hiring agreement document. But my point is, don’t procrastinate your duties. Do it your job, no matter how hard or bored it’s like. Appreciate your job like you can’t live without it. In fact, millions of people losing their job every day.

As the employee, obey the rules is mandatory. You work good, they pay well. Less work, less money you receive. Keep the duty as the priority and entertainment (at work) as secondary. In other words, you must grasp where you are (I not mean to patronize).

However, If you want to read social media post, play online video games, or watching Netflix, why not to clear the job quickly so you have more time to spend with it. Also, gives the satisfaction to the boss, show your integrity and responsibility, perhaps they will allow you to enjoy free time using the office computer. Remember, there will be a reward for the effort.


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