How to Always “Shutdown Anyway” on Windows 10

shutdown anyway - How to Always "Shutdown Anyway" on Windows 10 3

When you shut down or restart Windows 10 computer while some apps still running, you might see a message that gives you two options: close the programs first or shutdown/restart anyway.

Sometimes this message can be annoying, preventing the computer from shutting down although you have finished your works. Fortunately, you can automatically always shutdown anyway without having to trigger the button.

Here’s how to enable that setting.

1. Press the Windows+R button. Type regedit, then Enter. You may have to click Yes on a confirmation window.

regedit - How to Always "Shutdown Anyway" on Windows 10 5

2. Go to HKEY_USERS.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop

hkey users 1 - How to Always "Shutdown Anyway" on Windows 10 7

3. Click Edit > New > String Value.

string value 1 - How to Always "Shutdown Anyway" on Windows 10 9

4. Give it the name AutoEndTasks.

autoendtasks 1 - How to Always "Shutdown Anyway" on Windows 10 11

5. Double-click on it, set Value data to 1 and click OK.

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6. Now, restart your computer to save the effect.

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You can restart the computer later if you still have work to be done. Shutting down would also give the same effect. If you changed your mind, you can remove AutoEndTasks by right-clicking on it, and choose Delete.

3 thoughts on “How to Always “Shutdown Anyway” on Windows 10”

  1. Philip Young

    I am looking for the opposite “How to NEVER EVER Restart Anyway on Windows 10”
    I have users that always click on that and then blame me when they lose their stuff.

    1. Christian Wijaya

      So, you mean that you want to prevent users from clicking “Restart Anyway” before they save their work?

      I guess it would be a little trickier but I’ll update the article as soon as I found the solution.

  2. runcyclexcski

    I am afraid this did not work. I just tried this on Windows 10. The goal was to allow windows shut down regardless from UPS, in case there is a power outage, in which corrupting the disk is a worse scenario that losing a word document hanging. I made the changes in the registry as recommended and restarted twice. I then created a word document, and I left it unsaved. I then selected “shutdown” in the menu, and I was still asked to confirm.

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