How to Throw or Toss Items and Objects in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Key Takeaways

  • Throwing weapons, materials, and objects is a core mechanic in Tears of the Kingdom
  • Hold R to enter throwing stance, then press Up on D-Pad to access inventory and select an item to throw
  • Thrown items like Bomb Flowers, Fire Fruit, and Brightbloom Seeds have unique utility in combat and exploration
  • Certain weapon types like boomerangs and wind-based weapons have special throwing animations

As an experienced writer and Zelda fan, I’ll provide a comprehensive guide on how to effectively utilize the throwing mechanic in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Basics of Throwing

Throwing items is a returning mechanic from Breath of the Wild that becomes even more crucial in Tears of the Kingdom. To throw any item:

  1. Hold down the R button to enter Link’s throwing stance
  2. While still holding R, press Up on the D-Pad to open your inventory menu
  3. Use the right analog stick to cycle through and select the desired throwable item or material
  4. Release the Up button on the D-Pad to ready the item in Link’s hand
  5. Finally, release the R button to throw the item in the direction you’re aiming

You can cancel out of the throwing motion at any time by pressing the B button before releasing R. It’s an easy way to conserve limited resources like arrows by throwing materials directly.

Throwing Weapons

In addition to items, you can also throw any melee weapons Link has equipped by simply holding R until the throwing animation plays out, then releasing to launch the weapon. Certain weapon types like spears and boomerangs have unique throwing animations:

  • Spears and javelins will spin rapidly when thrown, dealing increased damage on impact[1]
  • Boomerangs will return to Link after being thrown, requiring you to press A to catch them on the way back[1]
  • Weapons with wind-based abilities like Korok Leaf swords will create a gust of wind instead of throwing the weapon itself[1]

Throwing weapons is great for dealing burst damage when a weapon is about to break. Just be sure to pick it back up after landing the throw!

Best Throwable Items

Many materials and objects in your inventory have special properties when thrown that make them invaluable tools:

  • Bomb Flowers: The classic explosive plant that can demolish enemy camps or destroy cracked walls and rocks[2]
  • Fire Fruit: Ignites the area around its landing spot, great for setting up a campfire or damaging enemies[3]
  • Brightbloom Seeds: Illuminate dark areas for a short time, extremely useful for navigating the Depths[2]
  • Muddle Buds: Causes enemy factions to temporarily turn on each other when the spores are inhaled[2]
  • Puffshrooms: Creates a thick smoke cloud for concealment and stealth[2]

With some practice, you can lob these items with pinpoint accuracy to gain the upper hand in combat or solve environmental puzzles. The throwing mechanic adds incredible depth to Tears of the Kingdom’s gameplay. [4]

Mastering the Throw

While simple in concept, throwing items with precision takes timing and experience. Factors like wind, gravity, and the weight/size of objects all affect their trajectory. Lighter items like seeds can be thrown much farther than heavy objects.

Don’t be afraid to practice your aim by tossing objects at targets or enemies from different distances and angles. The more you use this versatile technique, the better you’ll understand its nuances. With the right thrown item in the right situation, you’ll be unstoppable! [5][6]

Throwing weapons and materials opens up countless possibilities for creative combat, puzzle-solving, and exploration in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Master this essential skill, and the world of Hyrule will be yours to command.