How to Transfer Files from Tablet to USB Flash Drive

How to Transfer Files from Tablet to USB

Tablet has a very limited storage capacity, the manufacturer always giving optional microSD slot for additional storage, but it always not enough.

Transfering files to USB flash drive sounds like a good idea.

But, how to transfer files from tablet to USB stick since the tablet has no USB-A port that fit with the USB drive?

That’s why USB OTG (On The Go) cable comes to play. It designed to link your Android tablet to the USB flash drive directly. You can read or write a new file using it.

Okay, let’s go to the guide.

How to Transfer Files from Tablet to USB Flash Drive

1. Firstly, prepare the USB OTG cable or OTG adapter. Once you have it, it can connect the USB drive to an Android tablet or phone. The price of these accessories is mostly $5 bucks or less.

Or you can ask a friend who probably owned it.

2. Secondly, make sure the USB drive format is FAT32. That is the default format for all USB drive today. If you ever change it to NTFS, please revert to FAT32 because Android can’t read NTFS type.

3. After you get the OTG, connect it to a tablet and USB drive. Wait for a second until the USB icon shows on the status bar. It’s mean the USB is ready to use.


4. Now, go to File Manager and choose files you want to transfer to the USB drive. If your tablet has no file manager app, I prefer you to download ES File Manager on Google Play store.

5. You will get a notification that the USB drive can be used “for transferring photos and media”.

6. On File Manager, choose a file that wants to copy. You can explore the File Manager, tap and hold to select multiple items.

7. Finally, transfer selected files to the USB drive. It may take a few minutes depending on the size and speed of your tablet and USB chip’s read-write.

8. Once you have done, open status bar and Eject the USB drive to remove it safely. You also can plug in the USB drive later to view files or watch videos for example.

How to transfer files from tablet to USB flash drive for an older tablet?

While modern tablet supports USB connection, most older tablets are not. Therefore, it requires root that will erase your warranty, additional file manager app like ES File Manager, and USB OTG Helper.

I’m not covering a tutorial for a rooted device since it’s too risky and the success chance is small. The older Android version you use, the more issue comes along.


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