How to Transfer Big Files to USB Stick over 4GB Size

How to Transfer Big Files to USB

Why I can’t copy big files, over 4GB in size to my 8GB USB flash drive?

You might ask that question when you are trying to transfer a new file into USB stick although it has larger space than you actually need.

It’s pretty normal, your USB stick is not broken nor corrupted. It just needs reconfiguration. Here I show you How to Transfer Big Files to USB Stick over 4GB Size.

First of all, there is basic information you should know why this happened.

Average USB flash drive configured with a FAT32 type, which it cannot receive file larger than 4GB. Meanwhile, this format was chosen by default because it supports almost all operating system.

So, to transfer big files to a USB stick, you need to change the policies from FAT32 into NTFS or exFAT. Checkout the following guide to transfer big files to a USB stick.

How to Transfer Big Files to USB Stick over 4GB Size

1. First, plug in your USB stick/USB flash drive to a computer. Backup all files inside the USB drive to the computer by copying it.

“Why I should back up my USB files?”

Because we’re gonna format the USB drive which means clearing all remaining files. So, you should backup it first in case you have important files.

2. After that, right-click on USB Drive, then click Format…

It will be poping out a new window. Look at File System section, and select NTFS if you using Windows and select exFAT if you using Linux or MacOS.


How to Transfer Big Files to USB

3. And then click Start to process formatting. It will show a warning to remind that this action would delete any files on flash drive. Click OK to continue.

How to Transfer Big Files to USB

4. Please wait for a couple of seconds. It only takes about 20 seconds or less normally. When it’s done, click OK.

How to Transfer Big Files to USB

Now, you can transfer big files to your USB stick as long space is available. Changing USB stick format doesn’t affect its primary function.

The device still can be used to stored files but not compatible with another operating system. When you want to use it for Mac or Linux, you must revert back to FAT32.

A few information you should know about NTFS USB type

NTFS or New Technology File System is developed by Microsoft, which means it only works for Windows. You can read the file through Mac or Linux, but only read, not write (create/transfer a new file).

NTFS is a journaled file system, it creates more read-write activities. Hence, this type may weaken the endurance of your device.

Once USB flash drive set to NTFS, it’s mandatory to use Safely Removable Hardware before you detach the device or it will be corrupted and hard to recover file from broken USB flash drive.


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