How to Turn On an LG TV Without a Remote in a Pinch

As technology advances, TVs are getting smarter and more complex. Modern LG TVs come with magic remotes or even voice control. However, there may still be times when you need to turn on your LG TV but can’t find the remote. Don’t panic – there are a few different ways to power on your LG TV even if you don’t have the remote handy.

As an electronics technician with over 10 years of experience repairing TVs, I’ve helped many people turn on their LG TVs without a remote. In this article, I’ll walk you through the various methods, from the simple button pushes to using your smartphone.

Use the Manual Power Button

Most LG TVs have a manual power button located on the lower right-hand side of the TV. It may be styled to blend in with the bezel, but if you run your fingers along the bottom right edge, you should feel a tactile button.

To turn on an LG TV with the manual button:

  • Locate the tactile power button along the bottom right of the TV bezel
  • Firmly push the button for 1-2 seconds until the LG logo appears

This button acts just like the power button on your remote. Pushing it when the TV is off will power it on. If the TV is already on, pushing it will put the TV into standby mode.

Use the Joystick Button

Many newer LG TV models have a “joystick” button rather than a plain tactile button. This small nub-like button can be pushed in different directions to control the power and volume.

To use the joystick button to turn on an LG TV:

  • Locate the joystick button centered on the TV’s back panel
  • Press the button inward and hold for a few seconds
  • The TV will power up showing the LG logo

The joystick takes a bit of getting used to but works quite well once you get the hang of the different directions. If you accidentally turn up the volume instead, just press the center button again to power off then repeat the power on process.

Connect Via Wi-Fi and Use LG ThinQ

If your LG TV is a newer smart TV model, you may be able to power it on via Wi-Fi using the LG ThinQ app. This allows you to use your smartphone as a makeshift remote.

To power on an LG TV using the ThinQ app:

  • Make sure your LG TV and phone are on the same Wi-Fi network
  • Download and open the LG ThinQ app
  • Tap the TV icon at the bottom and select your TV
  • Tap the Power icon to turn your TV on or off

The LG ThinQ app provides additional smart home controls for your LG TV. However, you can use just the basic remote functions if you simply need to power on your TV in a pinch.

Use a Universal Remote as a Backup

Rather than scramble to find alternate ways to power on your LG TV when the remote goes missing, you can set up a universal remote as a backup option. Many LG TVs are compatible with common universal remotes.

To set up a universal remote with your LG TV:

  • Purchase a simple programmable universal remote
  • Find the LG TV code in the instruction manual
  • Program the remote with the 3-4 digit LG code
  • Test the power button to make sure it controls your LG TV

Storing a programmed universal remote in a drawer as a backup lets you quickly power on and control your LG TV even when the normal remote goes missing. It saves the hassle when you need to watch the big game and can’t find where the kids left the remote.

Reset Power By Unplugging from Wall

If the remote is lost and your LG TV won’t power on from standby, the last resort is unplugging it to force a hard reset. Just make sure the TV is off first!

To reset an LG TV power by unplugging:

  • Press the manual power button to put the TV into standby
  • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet
  • Wait 10-15 seconds then plug it back in
  • The TV will reboot and show the LG logo

This forces the TV to reboot and clear any software glitches that were preventing the power on commands from working. Just remember to plug it back in after 15 seconds or so.

Prevent Issues By Storing The Remote Properly

While the methods above allow you to power on an LG TV without the remote, it’s best not to lose that remote in the first place. Get in the habit of storing it in a special spot after each use.

  • Invest in a wall mount plastic remote caddy
  • Place it near the TV within arm’s reach
  • Make it a rule that the remote always gets stored in the caddy

Practicing consistent remote storage will save you the hassle of frantically searching for it or trying alternate ways to power on your LG TV. Having a designated spot makes it easy for the whole family to keep track of that easy-to-lose remote.


Whether you lost the remote or just can’t get off the couch, there are a handful of ways to turn on an LG TV without needing to grab the remote control. From manual buttons to smartphone apps, you likely already have a quick solution on hand. Just remember where you last left that remote so you don’t have to scramble next time you want to watch TV!