How to Unlock and Equip Taunts in Team Fortress 2 Multiplayer Game

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Valve. The game features a wide variety of taunts that players can unlock and equip for their character classes. Taunts allow players to perform animated gestures and poses to provoke, celebrate victories, or just for fun. Equipping the right taunts can be an important part of TF2 gameplay and strategy. This guide will explain how to unlock and equip taunts in TF2.

Unlocking Taunts

There are several methods to unlock taunts in TF2:

Buy from the Mann Co. Store

  • The Mann Co. Store in-game allows you to purchase taunts using real-world currency
  • Prices range from $1.99 to $4.99 per taunt
  • This is the most straightforward way to unlock taunts


  • TF2 has an active trading community, where players exchange items and currency
  • Taunts can be traded between players for metal or other items
  • Sites like facilitate trading by listing current market prices


  • Some taunts are unlocked by completing certain achievements
  • For example, the Director’s Vision taunt is unlocked with the Replay Achievements

Random Drops

  • All taunts have a very small chance to randomly drop at the end of matches
  • This is an unreliable way to unlock taunts, but drops are free

Buy from 3rd Party Marketplaces

  • Sites like the Steam Community Market let players buy/sell for real money
  • Prices are generally cheaper than the Mann Co. store

Equipping Taunts

Once you’ve unlocked a taunt, equipping it is simple:

1. Open Loadout from Main Menu

In TF2’s main menu, select “Items” then choose a class. This opens your loadout.

2. Go to Taunts Tab

At the bottom of the loadout page is a film reel icon for taunts. Click this to open the taunts tab.

3. Pick Taunt Slot

The taunts tab has 5 slots to equip taunts. Click on an empty slot to select it.

4. Choose Taunt

A window will pop up showing unlocked taunts. Select the one you want to equip in that slot.

5. Repeat as Needed

Equip different taunts in the other slots. You can equip up to 5 at once.

Using Taunts In-Game

Taunts are activated by pressing the “G” key by default. Your character will perform the taunt animation. Some taunts, like the High Five, require a partner. Others can even attack enemies or heal teammates!

Tips for Unlocking & Equipping Taunts

  • Focus on cheaper taunts first if buying from the Mann Co. Store
  • Use trading sites to get fair prices from other players
  • Equip a mix of provocative and tactical taunts to match your play style
  • Put your favorite taunt in Slot 1 so it’s easier to activate in battle

With the right taunts equipped, you’ll be able to provoke your enemies, celebrate victories in style, and gain tactical advantages in TF2 matches!

My Experience with TF2 Taunts

As a TF2 player with over 300 hours of playtime, I’ve unlocked and equipped many taunts over the years. Buying cheaper taunts from the Mann Co. store and trading for pricier ones has enabled me to build a diverse taunt collection.

My favorite taunt is the Kazotsky Kick – I love equipping it in Slot 1 to quickly bust out some moves mid-match. I also keep a Schadenfreude laugh equipped to mock enemies I dominate. The respect taunt is great for congratulating teammates on a hard-fought victory. I change up my other taunt slots regularly to keep things fun and fresh.

Mastering taunts has become an enjoyable part of my TF2 gameplay experience. Their animations, abilities, and psychological impact add a fun dimension to matches. If you put in the time to unlock and creatively equip taunts, they can take your TF2 gameplay to the next level!