How to Unlock and Equip the Prestigious Crown Emote in Fortnite

The Crown Emote in Fortnite, also known as the Crowning Achievement Emote, is an exclusive and prestigious flex that shows off the number of Crowned Victory Royales you have earned. As a Fortnite player and content creator myself, I often get asked how to unlock this emote and equip it for maximum flexing. In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know.

What is the Crown Emote?

The Crown Emote, introduced in Chapter 3 Season 1, is a special emote that displays the number of times you have won a Victory Royale while wearing the Victory Crown. It is essentially a counter of how many “Crowned Victories” you have achieved.

This emote is prestigious and exclusive, as the only way to earn it is to win matches while wearing the elusive Victory Crown. It cannot be unlocked through the Item Shop or Battle Pass. It serves as the ultimate flex and sign of skill for good Fortnite players.

How to Unlock the Crown Emote

There is only one way to unlock the Crown Emote in Fortnite:

  • You must win a Victory Royale while wearing the Victory Crown

The first time you accomplish this and get a “Crowned Victory”, the Crown Emote will automatically be added to your locker.

How to Get the Victory Crown

To get the Victory Crown required for the Crown Emote, there are a few methods:

  • Place in the top ranks of a match:
    • Solo – Top 4
    • Duos – Top 2 Teams
    • Trios – Winning Team
    • Squads – Winning Team
  • Eliminate a player wearing a Victory Crown and pick it up
  • Find an abandoned Victory Crown (unreliable method)

Once you obtain a Victory Crown by one of these methods, the next match you play you will wear the crown. Now you just need to win the match while wearing it to get your first Crowned Victory and unlock the emote!

How the Crown Emote Works

The Crown Emote is reactive – the number displayed updates dynamically as you earn more Crowned Victories. Some key things to know:

  • Each Crowned Victory increments the number up by 1
  • The emote displays your total Crowned Victories earned across all seasons
  • At the start of each season, the counter resets to 0

So try to earn as many Crowned Victories as possible before a new season starts!

Equipping the Crown Emote

Once unlocked, equip the Crown Emote by:

  1. Going to the Locker tab
  2. Selecting “Emotes”
  3. Finding the Crown Emote and adding it to your Emote Wheel

You can now show off your Crowned Victories by bringing up the emote wheel in-game and activating it!

Some players assign the emote to a specific emote slot or bind it to a keybind for quick access to flex on enemies. Get creative with how you equip it!

Tips for Unlocking the Emote

Here are some tips from a Fortnite expert on reliably unlocking that prestigious Crown Emote:

  • Play aggressively when wearing the Crown – Don’t play passively, the crown already makes you a target so put pressure on enemies.
  • Master landing at uncontested POIs – Landing with a Victory Crown at a crowded hot drop is risky.
  • Keep winning Crown matches before the season ends to build up the emote counter and really flex your skill!
  • Practice winning Crown matches in all core modes – Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads.

Closing Thoughts

The Crown Emote requires skill and effort to unlock, but offers the ultimate flex and sign of a great Fortnite player. Equip it proudly to show your Crowned Victory totals!

With this comprehensive guide, you now know everything about getting the Crown Emote – from understanding what it is to tips on unlocking and equipping it. Now get out there, earn some Victory Crowns, and unlock that prestigious emote! Let me know when you do – I look forward to seeing your Crowned Victory totals stack up!