How to Unlock Dough Awakening in Blox Fruits

The mythical Dough Fruit is one of the most coveted fruits in Blox Fruits. With its versatile moveset and powerful abilities, awakening the Dough Fruit unlocks its full potential. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to unlock Dough Awakening.

Overview of the Dough Fruit

The Dough Fruit is a Mythical Elemental-type Blox Fruit that costs either 2,800,000 Beli or 2,400 Robux to purchase. It has a 1.4% chance to appear in the Blox Fruit Dealer’s stock and a 1.34% chance to spawn around the map.

Once consumed, the Dough Fruit grants players access to a unique moveset consisting of the following:

  • Dough Fists – A rapid barrage of doughy punches.
  • Missile Jab – The user launches themselves forward, jabbing with a doughy fist.
  • Pastry River – Summons a river of dough that traps and damages opponents.
  • Piercing Clothesline – Clotheslines opponents with a spiky dough arm.
  • Dough Fist Fusillade – Pummels nearby targets with dough fists.

The Dough Fruit is especially valued for its Awakening, which requires 18,500 Fragments to unlock. Once awakened, the fruit’s full potential is unleashed with enhanced abilities.

Steps to Unlock Dough Awakening

Follow these steps to unlock Dough Awakening:

1. Obtain the Required Items

First, you need to collect the following items:

  • God Chalice: Obtained by defeating the Elite Pirate at Haunted Island.
  • 10 Conjured Cocoa: Obtained by defeating 10 enemies at the Sea of Treats.

2. Visit the Sweet Crafter

Take the God Chalice and 10 Conjured Cocoa to the Sweet Crafter NPC at the Sea of Treats. He will give you a Cake Chalice in exchange.

3. Talk to Drip Mama

Go to Cake Island and find the Drip Mama NPC. She will assign you a quest to defeat 500 enemies.

4. Defeat 500 Enemies

Return once you’ve defeated 500 enemies. Drip Mama will open a portal to the Demon King’s area.

5. Defeat the Dough King

Enter the portal and defeat the Dough King boss. He will drop a Red Key upon defeat.

6. Trade the Red Key for the Dough Microchip

Take the Red Key back to Cake Island and give it to the Cake Scientist NPC. He will trade you the Dough Microchip for 1,000 Fragments.

7. Complete the Dough Raid

Travel to the Castle on the Sea and complete the Dough Raid quest. This will award 500 Fragments to upgrade your Dough Fruit.

Completing these steps unlocks full Dough Awakening! Continue upgrading with Fragments to unlock all its enhanced abilities.

Tips for Unlocking Dough Awakening

Here are some tips to help unlock Dough Awakening more easily:

  • Team up with friends to farm enemies and bosses faster
  • Use travel abilities like Rumble’s Lightning Flight to quickly move between islands
  • Equip fast attacking Melee weapons to defeat enemies rapidly
  • Max out your Melee Mastery for additional damage
  • Store extra fragments in the Fragment Bank before starting the process

Dough Awakening Abilities

Once fully awakened, the Dough Fruit gains the following upgraded abilities:

Liquid Dough – Turns the ground beneath you into waves of dough that damage and stun opponents.

Dough Torpedo – Transforms you into a high speed projectile that travels great distances.

Sticky Punishment – Ensnares victims with dough before pummeling them with a doughy barrage.

Dough Combo – A combination attack that heavily damages groups of enemies.

Dough Destruction – Summons waves of giant dough pillars from the ground to damage wide areas.

These new abilities make the Dough Fruit incredibly versatile in combat, travel, and farming!

Closing Thoughts

Although unlocking the Dough Fruit’s full potential requires substantial effort and Fragments, its incredible performance in all areas of gameplay make it well worth the investment.

With practice, you’ll be traversing islands and dominating opponents with ease using your fully awakened Dough powers!

I hope this comprehensive guide gives you everything you need to know to unlock Dough Awakening in Blox Fruits. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!