How To Execute Finishing Moves in Apex Legends Battle Royale Game

Apex Legends is a popular free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. As a battle royale game, the goal is to be the last squad standing out of 20 squads of 3 players. Executing finishing moves on downed enemies is one way to eliminate opponents with style.

What Are Finishers in Apex Legends?

Finishers, also known as executions, are short animated moves that can be performed on knocked down enemies to eliminate them. To perform a finisher, you need to approach a knocked down enemy and press the interact button when prompted (E on PC, X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation).

Each of the 19 legends in Apex Legends has their own unique set of finishers ranging from 2 to 4 per legend. Finishers take approximately 5 seconds to complete during which time you are vulnerable to attacks from the downed player’s teammates.

Why Use Finishers?

Here are some of the main reasons to use finishers in Apex Legends:

  • Eliminate Downed Enemies: Finishers guarantee the elimination of a knocked down enemy player. This prevents them from being revived by teammates.
  • Shield Regeneration: Executing a finisher fully recharges your shield which can be very useful in the midst of a fight.
  • Stylish Eliminations: Finishers allow you to eliminate enemies with flair and show off your legend’s personality.
  • Unlock Rewards: Crafting metals earned through Apex Packs can be used to unlock new finishers for your favorite legends.

When to Use Finishers

However, finishers also come with some risks so should be used strategically:

  • When Safe: Only execute finishers when you have cleared the area and know it is safe. Otherwise, you may get attacked while stuck in the animation.
  • Early Game: Finishers can be very powerful early game to recharge your shield before you find shield batteries or cells.
  • Top Off Shield: If your shield has taken some damage, executing a finisher can top it off before your next fight.
  • Stylish Squad Wipes: If your squad wipes another, finishers are a great way to highlight your dominance.

How to Unlock New Finishers

To unlock new finishers in Apex Legends:

  • Default Finisher: Each legend comes with one default finisher unlocked automatically.
  • Apex Packs: Open apex packs earned by leveling up to randomly obtain crafting metals and new finishers.
  • Crafting Metals: Obtain 1200 crafting metals to unlock additional finishers of your choice from the legends customization menu.
  • Special Events: Limited time finishers are sometimes available during special in-game events.

Best Finishers for Each Legend

Here are some of the most popular finishers used by top players for each legend:

  • Bloodhound: The Raven’s Shadow – Bloodhound’s raven pecks out the eyes of the enemy.
  • Gibraltar: Warcry – Gibraltar does the haka over his downed enemy.
  • Lifeline: Shock Therapy – Lifeline shocks the enemy with defibrillators.
  • Pathfinder: Iron Haymaker – Pathfinder hits the enemy with boxing gloves.
  • Wraith: Into the Light – Wraith creates a portal and kicks the enemy through it.
  • Bangalore: Reversal of Fortune – Bangalore throws the enemy up and shoots them out of the air.
  • Caustic: Strike Three – Caustic smashes the enemy’s head with a bowling ball.
  • Mirage: You Got Bamboozled – Mirage fools the enemy with a decoy before finishing them.

Tips for Executing Finishers

Follow these tips to safely and effectively use finishers during your Apex Legends matches:

  • Check your surroundings first before executing any finishers. Never execute out in the open.
  • Move erratically while executing finishers to make yourself a harder target.
  • Use finishers mid-fight to regenerate your shield then quickly re-engage.
  • When wiping squads, spread out to perform simultaneous finishers.
  • Prioritize finishing kills over looting death boxes in dangerous areas. Loot later when safe.
  • Master the quick execution timing to minimize risk but still regenerate shields.

Executing stylish finishing moves is a great way to show off your skill in Apex Legends. But be careful not to get too cocky or you might find yourself staring at the respawn banner of your teammates. With practice, you’ll know exactly when to safely bust out those flashy finishers. Now get out there, wipe some squads, and make it look good!

About the Author

As a top 500 Predator ranked player on PC, I have over 1000 hours of experience in Apex Legends working with teammates to master game mechanics like executing finishing moves. Follow my Twitch channel to watch high-level ranked gameplay and learn more tips.