How to Unlock New Perks in Hearthstone Game

Hearthstone is a popular digital collectible card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Over the years, new expansions and game modes have been added, bringing exciting new content and ways to play. One of these is Battlegrounds, an auto-battler game mode where players draft minions to build powerful boards. Battlegrounds introduced an optional purchase called “Perks” that grant various bonuses. This article will explain what Battlegrounds Perks are and the different ways to unlock them.

What are Battlegrounds Perks?

Battlegrounds Perks are optional upgrades you can purchase to enhance the Battlegrounds experience. They include:

  • Discover Four Heroes: Choose from four random hero options at the start of each match instead of two. This allows more flexibility in strategy.
  • Advanced Stats: View extra stats like damage taken/dealt to make better decisions.
  • Visual Emotes: New emotes to communicate with opponents.
  • Early Access: Try new heroes two weeks before everyone else.

Purchasing Perks is completely optional. You can enjoy Battlegrounds without them, but they provide nice quality-of-life upgrades for players who battle often.

Purchasing with Real Money

The easiest way to unlock Perks is to purchase them directly:

  • Full Price: $19.99 for 4 months
  • Discounted: $9.99 for a limited time

Discounts are offered periodically, especially around new expansions, so keep an eye out for deals.

Once purchased, Perks last for 4 months or the remainder of the current expansion (whichever is longer). You only need to purchase them once per expansion cycle.

Unlocking with Gold

You can also unlock Perks using the in-game currency Gold. The price using Gold is:

  • Full Price: 2,500 Gold
  • Discounted: 1,250 Gold

Earning enough Gold takes some effort but is feasible for committed players through daily/weekly quests and rewards. Here are some tips:

Complete All Quests

  • Reroll 40 Gold quests to try getting 50 or 60 Gold versions.
  • Play regularly to unlock quests and maximize gold income.

Rank Up on Ladder

  • You gain bonus stars and gold rewards for hitting new ranks each month.

Be Smart with Gold

  • Save up over multiple expansions instead of spending on packs.
  • Don’t waste on Arena runs if you are just starting.

Take Advantage of Events

  • Special Tavern Brawls and promotions give gold rewards.

With some dedication, unlocking Perks for “free” is very possible!

New Player Guide

For brand new Hearthstone players, focus first on building your collection through free decks and leveling all heroes to 10. Once you have a solid foundation, Battlegrounds is a great next step before diving into ranked Constructed play.

Here is a quick guide to get started:

  1. Complete the Tutorial: This teaches the basics.
  2. Beat All AI Opponents: Unlocks all classes.
  3. Obtain All Free Decks: Gives solid cards to build with.
  4. Get Heroes to Level 10: Rewards free packs.
  5. Try Out Battlegrounds: Great way to take a break from Constructed.
  6. Work Towards Perks: Leveling and quests will steadily gain gold.

Battlegrounds is very accessible for new players. Focus on fundamentals like economy/tempo instead of builds requiring lots of specific cards. Then work towards the perks over time to enhance the experience.

Is It Worth It?

At the end of the day, the value of purchasing Perks depends on how much you play Battlegrounds. They provide nice benefits but are not essential. Here are some final guidelines on if you should buy them:

Yes If:

  • You play Battlegrounds daily
  • You care about cosmetics like emotes
  • You want to try new heroes ASAP

Maybe If:

  • You play Battlegrounds occasionally
  • You don’t mind the grind of earning gold

No If:

  • You are new and learning the basics
  • You mainly play Constructed
  • You don’t spend money on free games

There is no right or wrong answer – go with what fits your playstyle and priorities!


Unlocking Battlegrounds Perks allows Hearthstone players to get more from their experience. While completely optional, the upgrades are nice for frequent Battlegrounds players. Save up enough gold through regular play or purchase them directly to discover four heroes every match and more!