How to Unlock Your iPhone X for Any Carrier

What is an Unlocked iPhone?

An unlocked iPhone is one that is not tied to any specific carrier. This means it can be used with any GSM or CDMA carrier, as long as you have a valid SIM card and service plan.

Unlocked iPhones offer several key benefits:

  • Flexibility to switch carriers: You can swap out SIM cards and change carriers at any time without penalty. This gives you leverage to take advantage of better deals or rates.
  • Use cheaper prepaid plans: Unlocked phones allow you to access cheaper prepaid plans that don’t require contracts.
  • Travel internationally: When traveling abroad, just get a local SIM card to avoid massive roaming fees.
  • Increased resale value: There is huge demand for second-hand unlocked iPhones, meaning you can sell them for more later.

Requirements for Unlocking an iPhone

Here are the requirements most carriers have in place before they will provide the unlock code for your iPhone X:

  • Device is paid off – You must pay off the phone in full including any monthly device payment plan installments.
  • Account in good standing – Your carrier account can’t have any past due balances or fees.
  • Out of contract – Any service contracts or commitments must be fully completed.
  • Minimum usage met – For prepaid accounts, you’ll need some minimum active usage period.

As long as you meet the above requirements, the carrier has to honor unlock requests on eligible devices.

Unlock Your iPhone X Through Your Carrier

The best and easiest way to unlock an iPhone is through your original carrier. Here is the process:

1. Contact customer support

Call or chat with your carrier’s customer support. Tell them you meet all unlock requirements and want to request an official iPhone unlock.

2. Provide details

Have your account number, phone number, and iPhone X IMEI number ready. The rep will verify your unlock eligibility.

3. Wait for unlock code

If approved, you’ll receive the iPhone unlock code via email typically in 1-3 business days.

4. Enter unlock code

Turn off your iPhone X, insert a non-original carrier SIM card, turn phone back on and enter unlock code when prompted.

And that’s it! Your iPhone X is now unlocked to work on any GSM or CDMA network worldwide.

Unlock iPhone X Through Third-Party Services

If your carrier refuses to unlock your eligible iPhone X, third-party unlock services are the next best option.

They can unlock almost any iPhone from any carrier by analyzing the phone’s IMEI number to determine the appropriate factory unlock code.

Here are the steps to use a third-party unlock service:

1. Select service

Choose a top-rated third-party unlock service like

2. Provide details

Submit order form with your name, order number, iPhone X IMEI number and original carrier name.

3. Process request

The company will source and deliver your iPhone X network unlock code.

4. Unlock iPhone

Follow email instructions to enter unlock code and complete unlock process on your iPhone X.

These services charge reasonable fees of around $50 or less to unlock devices officially. Well worth avoiding the carrier hassle.

Unlock iPhone X Through Jailbreaking

The third option to unlock an iPhone X is by jailbreaking the device.

Note: Jailbreaking voids your iPhone warranty and poses security risks.

Here is the jailbreak unlock method:

1. Jailbreak iPhone

Use checkra1n jailbreak tool to perform untethered jailbreak on iPhone X.

2. Install Cydia

Open Cydia app on jailbroken iPhone and add source URL for SIM unlock tools.

3. Unlock iPhone

Install ultrasn0w or other unlock tool and reboot iPhone X to complete carrier unlock.

Jailbreaking is more complex but works if other options fail. Always restore phone before sending to Apple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about unlocking your iPhone X:

Is unlocking my iPhone X legal?

Yes, it is legal to unlock your iPhone in the United States as long as you own the device. Carriers must honor unlock requests on eligible devices.

Can unlocked iPhones work on Verizon/Sprint?

Only the iPhone 6 and newer work on Verizon/Sprint as they have CDMA + GSM radios. Older models won’t function.

Does unlocking void my iPhone warranty?

No, your standard hardware warranty is still valid. However jailbreaking does void warranty.

Can I re-lock my iPhone X after unlocking?

Yes, you can usually contact previous carrier and request device re-lock if needed after traveling etc.

Is the unlocked iPhone X more expensive?

No! Unlocked iPhone X models direct from Apple cost exact same amount. Only extra cost is potential third-party unlock fee.


Hopefully this guide covered everything you need to know about successfully unlocking your iPhone X to use on any carrier.

The easiest method is requesting official carrier unlock, but third-parties offer solutions for tricky cases. Just avoid shady websites.

Unlocked iPhones provide way more flexibility. Take advantage of much cheaper prepaid plans or easily switch networks any time!