How to Use My AI in Snapchat: Interacting with Snapchat’s AI

Snapchat has several AI-powered features:

  • My AI: AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT that can have conversations with users, give advice, play games, etc. Available to all Snapchat users.
  • AI Camera Mode (Snapchat+): Allows creating AI-generated images from text prompts to share as Snaps.
  • Dreams: Generates imaginative AI selfies by placing users in fantastical scenes.
  • AI Lenses: Augmented reality lenses powered by AI for effects like cartoonizing faces.

How My AI chatbot works

  • Initiate chat by swiping right on camera screen or mentioning @myai in group chats.
  • My AI can access user’s location if location sharing is enabled.
  • Conversations are stored and can take up to 30 days to delete.
  • My AI has limitations in capabilities and can sometimes give incorrect, biased or harmful information. Users should verify any advice before acting on it.

Privacy considerations with My AI

  • My AI conversations and location data may be used by Snapchat to improve products and target ads.
  • Users should not share confidential/sensitive information with My AI.
  • My AI does not have access to camera or ability to send photos.

Tips for using AI features

  • Be aware AI content can sometimes be inaccurate or biased. Verify information before relying on it.
  • Provide feedback to Snapchat on AI interactions to help improve the technology.
  • Use AI creatively for entertainment purposes rather than spreading misinformation.
  • Customize My AI with a Bitmoji avatar and name.
  • Take well-lit selfies from multiple angles to generate better AI selfies.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!