How To View and Control Android Screen on Windows or Mac Computer

Viewing and controlling your Android screen on a Windows or Mac computer can be very useful. You can access files, troubleshoot issues, play mobile games on a bigger screen, and much more. While Android and Windows/Mac are different platforms, you can connect them with the help of some apps.

In this article, we will discuss several methods to view and control your Android screen on a Windows or Mac computer.

Mirror Android Screen on Windows/Mac

Here are some popular apps to mirror your Android screen:

1. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror allows wireless screen mirroring between Android devices and Windows/Mac computers.

Steps to use:

  • Install ApowerMirror on your Android device and computer
  • Connect both devices to the same WiFi
  • Open the app on both devices
  • On Android, tap “Start Now” to initiate screen mirroring
  • Accept the prompt on your computer

Key features:

  • Mirror Android screen on computer and vice versa
  • Control Android from computer using mouse/keyboard
  • Record Android screen
  • Works without root

2. Vysor

Vysor lets you view and control your Android screen on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

Steps to use:

  • Install Vysor on both devices
  • Connect Android phone to computer via USB cable
  • Allow USB debugging on Android
  • Open Vysor on computer and click ‘View’ to mirror Android screen

Key features:

  • Display Android screen on computer
  • Control Android from computer
  • Take screenshots
  • Share files between devices

3. scrcpy

Scrcpy is an open-source app for screen mirroring. It provides fast performance without lag.

Steps to use:

  • Install scrcpy on computer
  • Connect Android device via USB
  • Allow USB debugging on Android
  • Run the scrcpy executable file

Key features:

  • Lightweight and fast
  • Open-source
  • Control Android device using keyboard/mouse
  • Display device screen on computer

Wireless Screen Mirroring

You can also mirror your Android screen to computer wirelessly, without the need for a USB cable. Here are some apps for wireless mirroring:

1. AirDroid

AirDroid allows wireless screen mirroring over WiFi.


  • Install AirDroid on both devices
  • Make sure both devices are on the same WiFi
  • Open AirDroid on computer and scan QR code using Android app
  • Accept the prompt on Android to initiate screen mirroring

Key features:

  • Wireless screen mirroring
  • View notifications
  • Transfer files
  • Remote camera access

2. LetsView

LetsView lets you cast your Android screen to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.


  • Install LetsView app on both devices
  • Connect devices to the same WiFi
  • Open the app and tap on ‘Remote Cast’ on Android
  • Enter the code shown on Android in the LetsView app on computer
  • Your Android screen will now be mirrored

Key features:

  • Cast Android screen wirelessly
  • Control Android from computer
  • Draw on screen
  • Record screen
  • Blur sensitive content

Control Android from Computer

Once your Android screen is mirrored on the computer, you can control it using your mouse and keyboard.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Access Files: Transfer files between Android device and computer easily
  • Play Games: Enjoy mobile games on big screen
  • Troubleshooting: Fix issues on Android device remotely
  • Use Apps: Open apps and access Android features

Some mirroring apps also allow screen recording and drawing/annotating options. This enhances productivity.

With the right mirroring app, you can use your Windows or Mac computer to access your Android device seamlessly. It saves time and effort while expanding what you can do on your phone.


Mirroring Android screen to a Windows or Mac computer is simple with the help of dedicated apps like ApowerMirror, Vysor and scrcpy. These apps offer both wired and wireless screen mirroring solutions to view and control your Android device.

With remote access and control over your Android phone or tablet from a bigger screen, you can troubleshoot problems easily, play games, transfer files, record videos and do much more.

So go ahead and try mirroring your Android to desktop computer using these apps. It will make accessing Android features on a Windows or Mac a breeze.