How to View Exact Delivery Fees on Your GrubHub Orders

In the digital age, food delivery apps like GrubHub have revolutionized the way we enjoy our meals, offering convenience and a wide range of culinary options right at our fingertips. However, understanding the breakdown of costs, especially delivery fees, can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the process of viewing and understanding delivery fees on your GrubHub orders, ensuring you’re fully informed before hitting that order button.

Understanding GrubHub Delivery Fees

GrubHub, one of the most popular food delivery services, charges delivery fees that can vary significantly depending on several factors. These fees are not set by GrubHub but by the individual restaurants, which means they can range anywhere from $1 to $10, with most not exceeding $7[1]. It’s important to note that these fees can fluctuate based on your location, especially in larger cities[1].

Who Sets the Delivery Fees?

The delivery fees on GrubHub are determined by the restaurants themselves. GrubHub provides a platform for these restaurants to reach customers but does not influence the delivery fees charged[1]. Restaurants may decide to adjust these fees based on their agreement with GrubHub, which charges a 10% delivery fee for using its delivery services[2].

Viewing Delivery Fees

To view the exact delivery fees for your order on GrubHub, follow these steps:

  • Browse Restaurants: As you explore different restaurants on the GrubHub app or website, delivery fees are typically displayed at the top of the restaurant page[1].
  • Order Confirmation Screen: When you proceed to confirm your order, you’ll see a detailed breakdown of all additional fees, including the delivery fee[1].

It’s straightforward to find this information whether you’re using the GrubHub app or browsing through their website.

Other Costs to Consider

Apart from the delivery fee, there are other costs you might encounter when ordering from GrubHub:

  • Minimum Order Amounts: Some restaurants set minimum order amounts to make delivery viable[1].
  • Small Order Delivery Fee: If your order is below a certain threshold, you might be charged an additional fee[1].
  • Driver Gratuity: Tipping your driver is customary and encouraged, adding to the total cost of your order[4].

Tips for Managing Delivery Costs

  • Compare Restaurants: Delivery fees vary by restaurant, so compare options to find lower fees.
  • Watch for Promotions: GrubHub occasionally offers promotions that waive delivery fees or provide discounts.
  • Consider Pickup: If you’re looking to save on delivery fees, GrubHub also offers a pickup option at many restaurants.

The Impact of Delivery Fees on Restaurants and Drivers

It’s worth noting that while delivery fees add to the cost for consumers, they also play a crucial role in the ecosystem of food delivery. Restaurants use these fees to cover the cost of delivery services, and in part, these fees support the drivers who make the delivery possible[8]. However, it’s also been highlighted that the structure of these fees, along with other charges, can be a significant burden on restaurants and drivers alike[4][8].


Understanding and viewing delivery fees on GrubHub is a straightforward process, but being aware of how these fees are set and what they entail can enhance your ordering experience. By considering the tips provided and being mindful of the costs involved, you can make more informed decisions, ensuring that your next meal delivery is as satisfying to your wallet as it is to your palate.