How to Wipe and Delete All Tweets Ever Posted from Your Twitter Account

Having an active Twitter account means you likely have years of old tweets still available for anyone to see. While some of those may represent fond memories or your thoughts at the time, others may no longer reflect who you are or what you believe today. Fortunately, deleting old tweets is easier than ever thanks to third-party apps and services designed for bulk tweet removal.

Why You May Want to Delete Old Tweets

There are a few key reasons why pruning your Twitter history can be beneficial:

  • Protect Your Online Reputation: Old tweets that are controversial, uninformed, or no longer represent your views can undermine your current personal brand and professional reputation if found. Deleting them helps prevent this.
  • Increase Account Security: The less personal information available publicly, the better in terms of protecting your identity and account from being compromised. Removing old tweets reduces your digital footprint.
  • Present a Consistent Brand: If you use your Twitter account for business/marketing purposes, presenting a cohesive brand image is key. Deleting outdated tweets that clash with your current content strategy helps achieve this.
  • Gain Peace of Mind: For many, simply knowing embarrassing or problematic tweets are still viewable causes stress. Wiping the slate clean can provide peace of mind.

Step-By-Step Guide to Deleting All Tweets

While manually removing tweets from your Twitter feed is possible, it would be extremely tedious and time-consuming to do this for your entire tweet history. That’s why using an automated tweet deletion service is recommended. Here is the basic process:

1. Back Up Your Twitter Archive

Before deleting anything, go to your Twitter account settings and request an archive of your complete Twitter data. This serves as a backup you can access in the future if needed. Store it somewhere secure like an external hard drive.

2. Select a Tweet Deletion Service

Research services like TweetDelete and TweetEraser to select one that best fits your needs in terms of features and pricing. Most offer free and paid subscription tiers.

3. Connect Your Twitter Account

Follow the instructions provided by your chosen tweet deletion service to securely connect your Twitter account. This allows the service API access to delete tweets on your behalf.

4. Choose Tweets to Delete

Some deletion services allow you to manually select individual tweets to remove or set filters based on keywords, date ranges, etc. to automate the process. Decide how much of your history you want eliminated.

5. Complete the Deletion Process

Once any filters are set and your account is connected, complete the tweet deletion process through the service’s interface. This can take some time depending on how many tweets are being purged.

6. Confirm Deletion

Log back into your Twitter account directly to confirm your tweets were successfully removed by the service as expected. You can also double check by viewing your account through a different browser where you may still be logged in.

Alternative Methods to Remove Tweets

If you prefer not to use a third-party app and want to manually delete old tweets yourself, know that Twitter only allows users to remove the 3,200 most recent tweets from an account this way. Any older tweets will remain visible. Still, for more moderate Twitter users with under 3,200 total tweets, self-deleting each individually is feasible, if tedious.

Additionally, some users choose to simply deactivate their current Twitter account and start fresh with a new one. This essentially archives all old tweets under your previous handle, moving them out of public view. Just be aware any followers, likes, etc do not carry over to the new account.


Maintaining your ever-growing collection of tweets can seem like an impossible task, but being proactive about pruning your Twitter history periodically is important for both personal and professional endeavors. Taking advantage of specialized tweet deletion services makes clearing out years’ worth of old updates simple. Just be sure to fully research any third-party apps before linking your account to ensure credibility and security.