Escape From Tarkov Guide: How to Locate PMC Extracts

As an experienced Escape From Tarkov player with over 500 hours in the game, I’ve learned that locating and using the correct extracts is one of the most important skills for survival. Knowing where the PMC extracts are and how to use them properly can mean the difference between successful raids and losing all your hard-earned loot.

Understanding PMC Extracts

PMC stands for Private Military Contractor, which is the main playable character in Tarkov. PMCs have specific extraction points that are different from SCAV extracts. It’s crucial to learn the PMC extracts on each map if you want to reliably escape raids with your loot.

Some key things to know about PMC extracts:

  • They vary by map – Customs has different extracts than Woods, for example
  • Some require money, keys, or completing certain objectives to unlock
  • You need to be playing as a PMC to use them, SCAVs cannot extract at PMC points

Learning the Extracts

When starting out in Tarkov, the extracts can seem very confusing. Here are some tips for learning them effectively:

Use Online Maps

Referring to maps on the Tarkov Wiki, Map Genie, or the IGN interactive maps can be extremely helpful for understanding extract locations. Study these in detail before raids.

Offline Mode

Take some time to explore maps offline to locate extracts and learn routes to them. This risk-free environment is perfect for new players.

In-Game Handbook

Your handbook (press ‘O’ twice) shows eligible extracts and requirements. Check this each raid and take note of new ones you unlock.

Play as a SCAV

As a SCAV you can explore and use SCAV extracts to gain map knowledge without risking your PMC gear.

Ask for Help

The Tarkov community is largely helpful and veterans will often show new players extract locations if asked kindly!

Detailed Overviews of All Maps

Below is a map-by-map overview of the PMC extracts in Escape From Tarkov:


Customs has three main PMC extracts:

  • ZB-1011: Extract located underneath a blue warehouse. No requirements.
  • Old Gas Station: Exit next to the gas station north of dorms. Requires 7000 Roubles.
  • Trailer Park: Northwest extract with no requirements. Just head to the opening in the fence.


Woods contains four possible PMC extraction points:

  • UN Roadblock: Located south next to scav house, no requirements.
  • Outskirts: West side near the lake, no requirements.
  • Zb-014: Underground bunker extract needing Ice Cream Cones key.
  • Scav Lands: Bridge extract requiring 5000 Roubles.


The large Interchange mall has three main PMC extracts:

  • Emercom: East side, no requirements. Go to the back corner near power station.
  • Railway: West side, no requirements. Located halfway along exterior wall.
  • Southwest Corner: Exterior hole in wall, no requirements.


Shoreline is a large map with many extract options:

  • Tunnel: Located underneath health resort, needs Red Rebel ice pick.
  • Pier Boat: Extract by boat at the pier, needing 5000 Roubles.
  • Road to Customs: Southern road exit with no requirements.
  • Rock Passage: Northern cliff passage, no requirements.

I hope this guide has helped demystify locating PMC extracts across some of the major Tarkov maps! As you play and explore more, be sure to take mental notes of extract spots and locations to build your knowledge. Proper extraction is too important not to learn. Stay safe out there in Tarkov!


  • PMC extracts are specific to player characters and vary by map
  • Learn extracts by studying maps, playing offline, checking handbook, and exploring as SCAV
  • Detailed overviews provided for main maps like Customs, Woods, Interchange, and Shoreline
  • Locating and using the right extracts is crucial for escaping raids successfully

Let me know if you have any other questions!