How To Add and Remove Channels on a Roku Streaming Media Player

Having a Roku streaming media player opens up a world of entertainment, with thousands of streaming channels available to add. However, with so much choice, your Roku homepage can quickly get cluttered. Therefore, it’s useful to know how to easily add and remove channels to curate your own personalized streaming experience.

With over 10 years of experience using Roku streaming devices, I’ll explain the various ways to add and remove channels below.

Adding Channels on Roku

There are three main ways to add streaming channels on your Roku device:

1. Using the Roku Home Screen

This is the easiest way to add channels directly on your Roku player or Roku TV:

  • Press the Home button on your Roku remote
  • Scroll left and select Streaming Channels
  • This will open the Roku Channel Store where you can browse channels by category or search
  • When you find a channel you want, select Add Channel

Once added, the channel will appear on your Roku homepage.

2. Using the Roku Mobile App

Alternatively, you can add channels using the free Roku mobile app on your smartphone or tablet:

  • Open the Roku app and make sure your device is connected
  • Go to the Channels section from the bottom menu bar
  • Select the Channel Store tab at the top
  • Browse or search for channels, then tap Add Channel when ready

The channel will be added to your Roku device automatically next time you use it.

3. Using the Roku Website

You can also add channels by visiting the Roku Channel Store website and logging into your Roku account:

  • Browse or search for streaming channels on the website
  • Click on a channel, then select Add Channel to My Roku
  • Sign in to your Roku account if prompted

Removing Channels on Roku

To remove any unwanted channels from your Roku home screen:

1. Using the Roku Remote

  • Navigate to the channel tile you want to remove
  • Press and hold the OK/Select button on your remote
  • Choose Remove Channel when the pop-up appears

2. Using Roku Mobile App

You can also remove channels using the Roku mobile app:

  • Go to the Devices sections and select your Roku
  • Choose the Channels tab
  • Press and hold the channel you want to remove
  • Tap Remove Channel to confirm

3. Using the Roku Website

To remove channels from the Roku website:

  • Go to and sign in
  • Under Manage account, select Channel subscriptions
  • Locate the channel and click Cancel subscription if applicable
  • Go back to and under your Roku device, choose Remove channel

Note: Removing a channel does not cancel any subscriptions or services associated with that channel. You’ll need to manage those separately.

Customizing Your Roku Experience

Once you know how to easily add and remove channels, you can customize your Roku homepage with all your favorite streaming apps.

Hiding Unused Channels

If you don’t want to delete a channel completely, you can choose to hide it instead. Just press OK on the channel, then select Hide channel from the options.

To later unhide it, go to Settings > Home screen > Hidden channels on your Roku.

Moving Channel Tiles

Having your most-watched channels near the top of your Roku homepage makes them easier to access quickly.

To move any channel tiles, navigate to the tile, press OK, and choose Move channel. Use the arrow buttons to reposition it.

Using Roku Folders

You can also organize your Roku channels into folders to keep things tidy. Just highlight a channel, press OK, and select Create folder. You can then add other channels into the new folder.


With thousands of streaming channels at your fingertips, Roku devices make cutting the cord easy. Learning how to seamlessly add and remove channels gives you full control to customize your entertainment experience.

In just a few simple steps on your Roku, mobile app, or website, you can access a world of movies, TV shows, music, sports and more. With the ability to organize your favorite channels and hide unused ones, you can craft a personalized Roku homepage that suits your viewing preferences.

So ditch the cables and start streaming! Roku’s intuitive software plus a vast library of channels offers exceptional value and flexibility for home entertainment.