How To Access Developer Options in Xiaomi MIUI Android Firmware

Xiaomi is one of the most popular smartphone brands globally, known for its value-for-money devices running the MIUI firmware based on Android. The MIUI interface packs several customization options and hidden features not found in stock Android.

One such hidden section is the Developer Options, which unlocks advanced settings and tools mainly meant for developers and power users. Enabling Developer Options in MIUI is easy if you know where to look.

My Experience with Xiaomi Phones and MIUI Firmware

I have been using Xiaomi phones for over 5 years now. I currently own a Xiaomi 12 Pro running the latest MIUI 13 firmware based on Android 12.

In my experience, MIUI strikes a good balance between customization and stability. I especially like some of the privacy and security features baked into MIUI. The interface does have a learning curve coming from stock Android, but you get used to it.

I have enabled Developer Options on all my Xiaomi devices. The extra debugging tools and hidden settings come handy as an advanced user.

What are MIUI Developer Options

The Developer Options menu unlocks several advanced settings meant for developers and power users. Some of the key features it offers include:

  • USB Debugging – Allows debugging Xiaomi phones from a computer over USB
  • Advanced reboot menu – Provides additional reboot options
  • Demo mode – Enables demo mode with a demo icon in the status bar
  • Force GPU rendering – Forces the use of hardware GPU rendering
  • Show taps – Displays a visual effect wherever you tap the screen
  • Background process limit – Lets you limit background processes
  • Wireless display certification – For wireless display certification testing

Along with these, you also get various debugging and testing options around animation speeds, transition effects, layout rendering, and more.

Developer Options provide low-level control of your system. Be careful when changing advanced settings as it may lead to instability or app crashes.

Steps to Enable MIUI Developer Options

The process to enable Developer Options may vary slightly across different MIUI versions, but the overall steps are similar:

1. Go to Settings -> About Phone

Open the Settings app on your Xiaomi phone and select About Phone option.

About Phone in Settings

2. Find and Tap MIUI Version 7 Times

In the About Phone screen, look for the MIUI Version and tap on it 7 times.

You will see a popup after a few taps that reads “You are now a developer!”

3. Access Additional Settings

Go back to the main Settings screen and scroll down to find Additional Settings.

Tap on it.

Additional Settings

4. Enable Developer Options

Inside Additional Settings, look for the Developer Options entry and tap on it.

Toggle on the switch at the top to enable Developer Options on your Xiaomi device.

Enable Dev Options

That’s it! The Developer Options menu will now be unlocked with all its advanced settings.

Useful MIUI Developer Options to Enable

Here are some of the most useful MIUI developer options you should enable:

USB Debugging – Allows debugging and data transfer with a computer over USB. Required for advanced functions like unlocking bootloader, rooting, modding etc.

Bug Report Shortcut – Adds a shortcut in power menu to generate detailed bug reports that can be useful for troubleshooting problems.

Advanced Reboot – Provides additional reboot options like rebooting directly into recovery mode.

Force GPU Rendering – May improve performance in games and app animations by forcing GPU accelerated rendering.

Transition Animation Scale – Lets you speed up or slow down animated transition effects. Handy for slower devices.

Tips for Using Developer Options

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using Developer Options:

  • Be careful before changing any setting whose function you don’t understand
  • Changing display or animation related options may impact performance or battery life
  • Don’t enable options meant for testing like demo mode or show taps unless required
  • Disable GPU rendering if you face app stability or battery drain issues
  • Turn off transition animation if you want snappier performance

Start with basic options like USB debugging or advanced reboot menu based on your needs. Explore additional options later once you understand their purpose.

And that’s it! With Developer Options enabled, you can start taking advantage of the advanced configuration options to customize and troubleshoot your Xiaomi device.


The Developer Options menu unlocks powerful settings to deeply customize Xiaomi phones running MIUI firmware. Follow the steps outlined to easily enable developer options on your Redmi, POCO, or Xiaomi phone.

Be careful when changing advanced settings and toggle options meant for developers and debugging only when required. Used properly, these hidden options can enhance your overall MIUI experience.