How to Activate Split Screen Mode During Facebook Live Streams

Facebook Live’s split screen mode allows you to go live with another person in a side-by-side view. This can make your live streams more dynamic and interactive. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to activate split screen mode during your Facebook Live broadcasts.

Benefits of Using Split Screen Mode

There are several benefits to using Facebook Live’s split screen mode:

  • Increased engagement: Having two hosts on screen keeps the conversation flowing and gives viewers double the entertainment. The interactivity helps boost engagement.
  • Ability to demonstrate together: The side-by-side view makes it easy to demonstrate a process or collaborate on a project live.
  • Wider reach: Leveraging another creator’s audience by going live together expands your potential viewership.
  • More professional feel: The split view gives your stream a more polished, professional broadcast feel.

Equipment Needed

To activate Facebook Live’s split screen mode, you will need:

  • Two iOS devices (iPhones or iPads)
  • The latest version of the Facebook app
  • A strong WiFi connection

The split screen feature is not yet available on Android or desktop. Both hosts need to be broadcasting from iPhones or iPads to utilize the side-by-side streaming view.

Step-by-Step Setup Instructions

Follow these steps to easily set up a Facebook Live split screen broadcast:

1. Decide on Video Orientation

The first step is for both hosts to decide whether to broadcast in landscape or portrait mode. Both of your devices need to use the same orientation, so decide that upfront.

Landscape mode works well if you’ll be doing a process demonstration or showing products. Portrait mode keeps the focus more on you and your guest.

2. Start Your Live Stream

The host that will initiate the invite needs to start their live stream first. Open the Facebook app and tap the “Live” button.

Add a compelling stream title and description. Then tap “Go Live” to start streaming.

3. Send Your Co-Host an Invite

Once your stream is live, tap the profile icon on the bottom left. Then tap the silhouette icon to send your guest an invite.

Search for and select your co-host to send them the invite to join your live stream.

4. Accept the Invite

When your co-host receives the invite notification, they simply need to tap to join. They will now be live side-by-side with your original stream.

Interact as you usually would during your solo live streams. The split view makes conversations more natural and seamless for you and your guest.

5. End the Broadcast

When you are ready to finish your co-stream, simply end your live video and your guest’s feed will end automatically too.

You can later watch a replay of your split screen broadcast and see how well the format worked. Consider repurposing the content as well.

Tips for an Effective Split Screen Live Stream

To maximize the impact of using Facebook Live’s split screen mode, keep these tips in mind:

Test first for connectivity issues

Conduct a test broadcast on both devices first to uncover any technical problems. Troubleshoot audio echoes, video lag, or weak connections beforehand.

Use an external mic for better sound

The built-in mics on phones and tablets aren’t ideal, especially with two feeds. Use a clip-on lavalier mic or handheld mic for clearer audio.

Get optimal lighting on both hosts

Make sure both hosts are equally visible with adequate lighting. Natural light near windows works well. Otherwise utilize ring lights.

Pick an interesting background

Decorative backdrops will keep viewers’ attention instead of plain walls. Or go on location. Just ensure backgrounds aren’t distracting.

Promote the co-stream

Leverage both hosts’ audiences by promoting the live stream across social media channels and email lists. Include the scheduled date/time.

Interact with viewers

Engage with commenters and respond to questions to boost engagement. Mention viewers by name to make them feel valued.

The side-by-side social streaming format enabled by Facebook Live’s split screen view makes broadcasts more dynamic and engaging. Use these setup instructions and tips to fully utilize its capabilities. Let us know if you have any other questions!