How to Add and Include Text in KineMaster Video Editor

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KineMaster is a powerful yet easy-to-use video editing app for mobile devices. With KineMaster, you can add text overlays to your videos with customized animations and styles.

Adding Text in KineMaster

Adding text in KineMaster is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the KineMaster app and start a new project or open an existing project to edit
  2. Tap on the “Layers” icon in the top right corner (the icon with 3 overlapping squares)
  3. Select “Text” from the menu
  4. Type your desired text in the text box that appears

You can tap and drag the text box to move it to any location on the video. Use the handles on the sides and corners of the text box to resize it.

Customizing Text Styles

KineMaster provides many text customization options to make your text stand out:


  • Choose from a variety of built-in fonts and adjust size, weight, alignment, letter spacing, etc.
  • Import custom fonts for a unique look


  • Set text color and outline color
  • Use color presets or custom hex values
  • Adjust transparency for cool effects


  • Animate text entrance and exit with various wipes, fades and other transitions
  • Add emphasis with pops, jumps, rotations, and more


  • Shadow, reflection, chroma key, blending modes and more

Advanced Text Techniques

Take your text overlays to the next level with these tips:

Sync Text to Audio

Line up text animations to match music beats or voiceover timing. This takes some precision but makes an impact.

Layer Multiple Text Elements

Stack text layers, reveal them sequentially for visual interest. Adjust transparency so lower layers remain visible.

Text Tracking

Motion track text to moving footage. The text stays locked to a point on the video for a professional look.

Text Masking

Use a video clip to mask text, revealing it creatively as the video plays. This works for text animations or images.

Green Screen Text

Film text or images against a green backdrop, then overlay it on videos using the Chroma key tool. This opens up more possibilities.

Build Kinetic Typography Videos

Use a voiceover audio clip. Add text that visually represents the speech, animating the words in time. This takes work but results are engaging.

Exporting Text Videos

When done, tap the Export button to render and save your text video from KineMaster. You can choose resolution, aspect ratio and file format.

Now you know how to make cool text effects in the KineMaster video editor! With a bit of practice, you’ll be creating professional text animations to make eye-catching videos in no time.