How to Become a VIP CEO in Grand Theft Auto Online


Becoming a VIP or CEO in GTA Online allows you to unlock special abilities, missions, and content. It requires investing in businesses and offices, but provides opportunities to make serious money. This guide covers everything you need to know to become a VIP or CEO.



To register as a VIP you need:

  • $50,000 in your bank account [1]. This is not spent when registering.


To become a CEO you need:

  • An office – prices start from $1,000,000[2].
  • Register as a CEO from the Interaction Menu > SecuroServ after buying an office.



  • Access to VIP abilities like bullshark testosterone.
  • Hire up to 3 bodyguards.
  • Access VIP work like Headhunter for $20-25k payouts.


  • Hire associates (other players).
  • Own warehouses and businesses like vehicle cargo.
  • Special cargo buy/sell missions for high profits.
  • Access to CEO vehicles like Buzzard helicopter.

Making Money

Once a CEO, there are multiple ways to make serious money:

Vehicle Cargo

  • Source and sell high-end vehicles for $80k profit each[3].
  • Requires a vehicle warehouse purchase.

Special Cargo

  • Buy and sell special cargo crates for big profits.
  • Requires a special cargo warehouse purchase.

VIP Work

  • Quick freemode CEO missions paying $20-25k.
  • No setup costs.

Bunker Business

  • Purchase supplies and sell weapons for $200k+ profits.
  • Requires purchasing a bunker.


  • Buy the cheapest office and warehouse to start.
  • Only sell high-end vehicles for max profit.
  • Buy one warehouse for each type (vehicles & cargo).
  • Assign Nightclub technicians to bunker and cargo business.


Becoming a CEO in GTA Online requires an office purchase but unlocks serious money making potential. As a CEO you can own businesses, run missions, and leverage the passive Nightclub income. Use the tips in this guide to optimize your profits and become a successful CEO!