How to Edit Game Settings in Online Multiplayer Game Among Us

Among Us is an online multiplayer game that has become hugely popular in recent years. As the game host, you have the ability to customize the game settings to create a tailored gameplay experience for you and your friends. In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through exactly how to edit the various game settings in Among Us.

My Experience and Expertise with Among Us

I have over 200 hours of playtime in Among Us across mobile and PC. I regularly host games with friends where I tweak the settings to find the right balance of challenge and enjoyment for our group. Through extensive experimentation with the different options, I have a deep understanding of how each setting impacts gameplay.

Accessing the Game Settings Menu

The game settings menu can only be accessed by the host before a game starts, while players are still in the lobby. Here are the steps:

  1. Host a new game session
  2. Wait in the lobby for players to join
  3. Walk up to one of the laptops and interact with it
  4. Select the “Customize” option
  5. Choose the “Game” tab

You will then see a menu with various sliders and options to customize your game.

Game Settings Explained

Here are all the available settings you can tweak and how they impact gameplay:

Number of Impostors

This determines how many players will be randomly assigned the impostor role each game. The more impostors, the more difficult it is for the crewmates.

Confirm Ejects

Having this enabled will tell everyone if a tossed out player was an impostor or not. This makes it very hard for impostors to fake tasks.

Number of Emergency Meetings

Sets how many times players can trigger emergency meetings by reporting bodies or calling them. More meetings help crewmates coordinate but slow the game down.

Discussion/Voting Time

How much time is allowed for players to chat and vote on who to eject during meetings. Longer times allow for more thorough discussion.

Player Speed

Determines how fast players can move around the map. Higher speeds make tasks quicker but make fleeing impostors harder to catch.

Vision Range

Sets how far crewmates and impostors can see. Lower crewmate vision gives impostors more sneaking capability.

Visual Tasks

Having this on makes task animations visible to other players. This provides more information to confirm innocence.

Task Counts

Sets how many short, common, and long tasks are active each game. More tasks put more pressure on impostors to sabotage and kill.

Kill Cooldown

How long impostors have to wait between kill attempts. Higher cooldowns make timing and coordination more important for impostor gameplay.

Kill Distance

Determines how close impostors need to be to successfully eliminate someone. A longer distance makes it easier to kill fleeing targets.

Recommended Settings by Player Count

The ideal settings can vary drastically depending on how many people you have in your game. Here are my recommended settings for different player lobby sizes:

5-6 Players

  • 1 Impostor
  • 45s Kill Cooldown
  • 1 Emergency Meeting
  • 15s Discussion Time

7-8 Players

  • 2 Impostors
  • 35s Kill Cooldown
  • 1 Emergency Meeting
  • 15s Discussion Time

9-10 Players

  • 2 Impostors
  • 25s Kill Cooldown
  • 2 Emergency Meetings
  • 20s Discussion Time

11-15 Players

  • 3 Impostors
  • 20s Kill Cooldown
  • 2 Emergency Meetings
  • 25s Discussion Time

The settings above should provide balanced games for each lobby size. However, don’t be afraid to tweak them further to suit your playstyle and preferences. A few adjustments can go a long way in enhancing your Among Us experience.

With this guide, you now have all the tools you need to expertly edit your game settings the next time you host Among Us. Feel free to refer back to it whenever you need a refresher. Most importantly, leverage these options to maximize fun with your friends in this fantastic multiplayer game!