How to Block Unwanted Text Messages on the Google Pixel 3

Key Takeaways:

  • The Google Pixel 3 has built-in spam protection in the Messages app to automatically filter suspected spam texts
  • You can manually block numbers sending unwanted texts in just a few taps
  • Third-party apps provide additional spam blocking capabilities for the Pixel 3

As a long-time Android user and Pixel 3 owner, I’ve dealt with my fair share of annoying spam text messages. Whether it’s an obvious scam or just an unwanted promotional message, these texts can quickly clutter your inbox. Fortunately, the Google Pixel 3 provides several effective ways to block these pesky messages and keep your Messages app spam-free.

Enable Spam Protection in Messages

The first line of defense against spam texts on your Pixel 3 is the built-in spam protection in the default Messages app. When enabled, Google’s powerful machine learning algorithms will automatically detect suspected spam messages and move them to a separate Spam & blocked folder. Here’s how to turn it on:

  1. Open the Messages app
  2. Tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper right and select Settings
  3. Tap Spam protection
  4. Toggle on Enable spam protection[1]

With this setting enabled, you should see a significant reduction in the number of spam texts making it to your main inbox. Google does a great job at identifying common spam patterns.

Manually Block Spammer Numbers

Sometimes an unwanted text will make it past the automatic spam filter. In this case, you can quickly block that specific number from being able to text you again. Blocking a number takes just a few taps:

  1. In the Messages app, tap and hold on the conversation with the number you want to block
  2. Tap the Block icon (circle with a line through it)
  3. Tap OK to confirm[1]

Alternatively, you can open the conversation, tap the three-dot menu icon, and select “Details” then “Block & report spam.”[10] Reporting the number as spam helps improve Google’s spam detection algorithms.

Once blocked, that number will no longer be able to send you any messages. Blocked messages do not appear in your main inbox. To view blocked messages or unblock a number:

  1. In Messages, tap the three-dot menu icon and select Spam & blocked
  2. Tap the conversation with the blocked number
  3. Tap Unblock[1]

Use a Third-Party Spam Blocking App

For even more robust spam text blocking, consider a dedicated third-party app from the Google Play Store. These apps use their own algorithms and databases to identify and filter spam messages.

One well-reviewed option is the free Key Messages app. In addition to excellent spam blocking, it offers useful features like automatic deletion of old spam texts, spam reporting to help others, and blocking texts from email addresses.[3]

Another solid choice is SMS Organizer by Microsoft. This free app intelligently sorts your messages into categories like personal, transactional, and promotional.[13] You can easily block all messages from the promotional category. It also has a handy option to automatically delete OTPs (one-time passwords) after a set time period.

Other Tips for Reducing Spam Texts

In addition to using the Pixel 3’s built-in tools and third-party apps, there are some other best practices to minimize spam texts:

  • Don’t reply to spam texts – Replying, even with “STOP”, tells the spammer they’ve reached a real number[6]
  • Be cautious about giving out your number – Avoid entering your phone number on sketchy websites[18]
  • Report spam to your carrier – Forward spam texts to 7726 (SPAM) so your carrier can investigate[6]
  • Register on the Do Not Call list – Add your number to the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry to opt out of telemarketing calls and texts ([18]

Enjoy a Spam-Free Pixel 3 Experience

By taking advantage of the Google Pixel 3’s built-in spam blocking features, using a robust third-party blocking app, and following spam-prevention best practices, you can dramatically cut down on the number of unwanted texts you receive. This lets you enjoy the Pixel 3’s excellent messaging experience without constant interruptions from spammers.

While completely eliminating spam texts is extremely difficult, the tools and techniques covered here can significantly clean up your inbox. You’ll be able to focus on the messages that matter. And if a spam text does slip through, you can block it in seconds.

The Pixel 3 is an incredible smartphone and the Messages app is filled with useful features. Don’t let spammers ruin your experience – take control and block them today! With a cleaner inbox, you’ll be able to better appreciate all the Pixel 3 has to offer.