How to Breed and Farm Villager Mobs in Minecraft

Villagers are an integral part of Minecraft gameplay. Not only do they provide useful trades and items, but they also allow players to create efficient crop and iron farms. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about breeding, farming, and trading with villagers in Minecraft.

Finding and Transporting Villagers

The first step is acquiring two villagers. You can find villagers naturally spawned in villages across different biomes like plains, savannas, taigas, and snowy tundras[1]. Transport your two villagers using a boat or minecart to your desired location near your base.

Preparing for Breeding

For villagers to breed, you need at least two adult villagers, extra beds, and a food source[2].


Place at least three beds with two blocks of air above them for the villagers to detect. Villagers will breed until the number of villagers exceeds 0.35 times the number of valid beds.


Throw vegetables, carrots, potatoes, or bread to your villagers so they can pick up and breed. Each villager needs at least 12 food items in their inventory to be willing to breed.

Breeding Villagers

Once the villagers are fed and have detected beds, they will breed automatically. Two villagers will face each other while hearts appear. After a few seconds, a smaller villager will emerge and take 20 minutes to fully mature.

You can continue feeding the villagers to breed more until you reach the bed cap. Wait 5 minutes between breeds per villager.

Farming Villagers

There are a few methods to farm villagers for trading and resources:

Manual Breeder

Build an enclosure with beds and workstations. Throw food to villagers so they breed more. Harvest crops from farmer villagers.

Automatic Breeder

Use water streams, trapdoors, and minecarts to transport adult villagers to a breeding area separate from the trading hall. Their crops and picks will be collected and transported away automatically.

Iron Farm

Iron golem farms produce iron ingots without players killing the golems. Build a village with 10+ beds over a pit of flowing water. Funnel the iron ingots into a collection system.

Trading Hall

Transport your villagers with the best trades to a safe trading hall using minecarts. Attach workstations so you can trade for items like enchanted books, diamonds, emeralds, and ender pearls.


  • Trade often to lock trades and reduce prices
  • Cure zombie villagers for huge discounts
  • Defeat raids to get the Hero of the Village effect for temporary discounts


With a thriving villager population, you can create efficient crop and iron farms, as well as generate infinite trades and resources. Remember to provide enough beds, food, safety, and workstations to keep your villagers happy and productive!

Let me know if you have any other questions! I have over 5 years of experience playing Minecraft and have built many villager farms and trading systems.