How to Change Inputs on Panasonic TVs

Changing inputs on a Panasonic TV allows you to switch between different devices connected to your TV, like a cable box, DVD player, or game console. While most Panasonic TVs make changing inputs easy, the specific steps can vary across models. This article will walk you through the most common ways to change inputs on Panasonic TVs.

My background: I have over 10 years of experience working with consumer electronics, including troubleshooting TVs. I have helped many people change inputs on their Panasonic TVs when they were having issues.

Using the Remote Control

The easiest way to change inputs on a Panasonic TV is by using the remote control:

  • Locate the Input, Source, Input Select, or TV/Video button on your Panasonic remote. The exact label varies across models.
  • Press this button to bring up a menu listing available input sources.
  • Use the arrow or number buttons to highlight the input you want, such as HDMI 1 or AV.
  • Press OK to confirm the selection.

Most Panasonic remotes have dedicated input buttons located near the top to make switching inputs quick and convenient.

Using the Buttons on the TV

If you’ve lost your Panasonic remote or the batteries have died, you can still change inputs using the buttons directly on the TV:

  • Find the group of buttons located on the back, side, or underside of your Panasonic TV.
  • Look for a button labeled Input, Source, Input Select, etc. It may be accompanied by left/right arrow buttons.
  • Press this button to bring up the input menu.
  • Use the arrow buttons to highlight the desired input source and press OK to confirm.

On some models, you may need to press and hold an OK/Select button rather than simply pressing it.

Via the On-Screen Menu

Changing inputs through your Panasonic TV’s menu offers more customization options:

  • Press Menu on your remote and select Setup.
  • Go to Input Labels or External Devices.
  • Highlight the input you want to change and press OK.
  • Choose the device connected to that input from the list or select Customize to create your own label.

This allows you to customize the names of each device connected to your TV, making it easier to remember which is which when accessing inputs.

Troubleshooting Problems

If you’re having issues changing inputs on your Panasonic TV, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Try unplugging the TV and external devices for 5 minutes to reset connections.
  • Ensure you are using high-speed HDMI cables for HDMI devices.
  • Check for loose connections or cables on the back of your devices and TV.
  • Factory reset your TV via the Setup menu if inputs are still not working properly.

Note: Contact Panasonic support if you still cannot access inputs after trying these troubleshooting steps.

Tips for Using Inputs Efficiently

  • Label your inputs so you remember which device is connected where.
  • Disable unused inputs by labeling them as “Not Used” in the Input Labels menu.
  • Set your most-used device as the “Power On” input via the TV’s menu.

Organizing your inputs this way makes accessing frequently used devices like cable boxes and game consoles quick and convenient.


Whether using the remote buttons, TV buttons, on-screen menu, or troubleshooting fixes, changing inputs on your Panasonic TV is simple. Properly labeling and disabling inputs improves everyday use. If issues arise, try resetting connections or factory reset before calling support. With this guide, you should now feel comfortable switching between the various devices connected to your Panasonic TV.

Let me know if you have any other questions!