How to Change Name Color in WhatsApp Group Chats

WhatsApp group chats assign a unique color to each participant’s name to help differentiate between users. The color is randomly generated and unfortunately there is no reliable way to manually change your name color or other participants’ colors in WhatsApp groups.

Understanding WhatsApp’s Name Color System

When you join a WhatsApp group chat, the app automatically assigns a color to your name from a palette of over 250 options. The specific color is not intentionally picked and seems to be randomly generated.

Some key points about WhatsApp’s name color system:

  • Each participant gets a unique color to help identify who is speaking
  • Your name might show up as different colors in different group chats
  • Colors are assigned automatically when joining a new group
  • The color stays the same until you exit the group

The main purpose of the colored names is to make it easier to follow group conversations between multiple people. Since you can’t control the color assignment, you simply have to look for your color to see your own messages in a chat.

Why You Can’t Manually Change Name Colors

WhatsApp has not provided any settings or options to manually configure the color used for your name or other participants’ names.

There are a few likely reasons why customizable name colors are not supported:

  • Simplicity – Providing color options adds complexity that most users do not need
  • Prevent abuse – Custom colors could be used distractingly or to impersonate other members
  • Technical limitations – The color system may rely on complex behind-the-scenes algorithms

Ultimately, the random color assignment seems to work well enough for WhatsApp’s purposes without introducing unnecessary configuration options.

Attempting to Change Your Name Color in Groups

Because customizable name colors are not natively supported, any attempts to change your color in a group chat are unreliable workarounds at best. However, there are a couple of tricks you can try:

1. Exit and Rejoin the Group

Leaving the group chat and then rejoining will cause WhatsApp to randomly pick a new color for your name. However, you have no control over the new color you are assigned.

To rejoin a group after exiting:

  • Open the group invite link or have an admin add you back
  • Have an existing group member scroll up in the chat to see your name
  • The color should now appear different after rejoining

While inconvenient, this method does prompt WhatsApp to give your name a new color.

2. Change Your Profile Photo

Some online reports claim that changing your profile photo can sometimes trigger a different name color after rejoining a chat.

The theory is that WhatsApp picks colors based on photos to help distinguish users with identical names. However, there is no solid proof that profile photos directly influence the name color assignments. Still, it’s worth testing out.

To try the profile photo trick:

  1. Leave the WhatsApp group chat
  2. Change your profile picture
  3. Have an admin add you back into the group
  4. Check if your name color changed

Using Third-Party Apps to Customize Colors

While you cannot natively customize name colors within WhatsApp, some third-party Android apps claim to offer this functionality:

  • WhatsApp Plus – Modified version of WhatsApp with extra features
  • YOWhatsApp – Another modded version with custom themes
  • WhatsApp Mix – Enables extra theming options

However, using third-party or modded apps violates WhatsApp’s terms of service. They are unofficial releases that carry security and privacy risks. While these WhatsApp mods might give you more control over chat colors, most experts recommend avoiding them.

Tips for Managing Group Chats

Since name colors are automatically assigned in WhatsApp groups, here are some tips for keeping track of busy group conversations:

  • Use nicknames – Assign useful nicknames to help identify chat members
  • Look for your own color – Scan for your color to track your messages
  • Mention users – Directly mention members to get their attention
  • Change wallpaper – Set a custom background to make new messages stand out


While WhatsApp does not currently allow members to control name colors in group chats, the automated color coding system makes it easier to follow busy conversations. If you find the lack of customizable colors limiting, try using nicknames, mentions, or custom wallpapers to highlight your messages. And avoid unsupported third-party apps that carry risks.

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of how WhatsApp’s group name colors work and why they cannot be manually changed. Although customizable colors would be a handy feature, for now we are stuck with WhatsApp’s default random assignments.