How To Check How Much Free Gmail Storage Space You Currently Have Left

Each Google account comes with 15GB of free storage space that is shared across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. As you use these services, your storage space gets filled up with emails, attachments, files, and photos/videos. Here are some tips on how to check how much free Gmail storage you have left:

Check Gmail storage usage bar

The easiest way to check your storage usage is to look at the storage usage bar at the bottom of the Gmail screen when you are logged into your account.

  • On the web, scroll to the bottom of the Gmail page and look on the left side.
  • On mobile, scroll to the bottom of the app and look at the bottom of the screen.

This storage usage bar shows a percentage and amount used out of the total 15GB. Click on the bar to get a breakdown of storage used by Gmail, Drive, and Photos.

Check Google One storage page

The Google One app and website give you detailed insights into your storage usage across Gmail, Drive, and Photos.

To view it:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Storage tab on the left side
  • Or click on the colored storage usage circle on the homepage

On this page you can see:

  • Storage used by each service (Gmail, Drive, Photos)
  • Breakdown of storage used by file type
  • Options to buy more storage
  • Tools to free up space

Check Gmail settings

You can also check your storage usage from the Gmail Settings:

On desktop:

  • Click on the Settings gear icon
  • Scroll down and click on See your storage

On mobile:

  • Tap the hamburger menu icon
  • Choose Settings
  • Select your account
  • Scroll down and select Storage

This will show you the storage used by Gmail and give you the option to manage your storage.

Search for large emails

If you want to free up space in Gmail by deleting large emails and attachments, you can search for these.

On desktop:

  • In the search bar, enter size:10m (for emails over 10MB)

On mobile:

  • Tap the search icon
  • Type size:10m

Then you can delete or download attachments you no longer need.

Use Google’s storage manager

Google has a handy storage manager tool that gives recommendations on what to delete to free up space across Gmail, Drive, and Photos.

To use it:

This tool will suggest emails to delete like large attachments, spam, and emails over a certain age. It’s an easy way to clean out your Gmail inbox and attachments.

Buy more storage

If you are constantly bumping up against the 15GB limit, you may want to upgrade and pay for more storage. You can get 100GB for $1.99/month or even 30TB for $299.99/month!

To upgrade storage:

  • Go to
  • Click Buy Storage
  • Select your desired storage plan

Upgrading to a paid Google One plan gives you peace of mind knowing you have plenty of cloud storage space.

So those are the main ways to monitor and manage your Gmail storage usage. The key is to routinely check your usage and clean out emails and attachments you no longer need. Let me know if you have any other questions!