How to Class Change Units Using Master Seals in Fire Emblem Games

Master Seals are special items in Fire Emblem games that allow you to promote units from a base class to a more advanced class once they reach level 10. Using Master Seals effectively is key to building a strong army. Here is a detailed guide on how to utilize them:

What are Master Seals?

  • Master Seals are consumable items that promote units from a base class to an advanced class when used on a unit that is at least level 10.
    • For example, they can promote a Cavalier to a Paladin.
  • They reset the unit’s level back to level 1, but the unit retains learned skills and higher stats/growths.
  • In most Fire Emblem games, Master Seals are the primary method of promotion. Some games have additional class-specific promotion items.

When Should You Use Master Seals?

  • Level 10: You can use Master Seals as soon as a unit hits level 10 to promote them. However, this wastes the extra levels and stats they could have earned by leveling up more in their base class.
  • Level 15-20: Promoting in this level range balances promotion bonuses with base class growths. Many players promote around level 15.
  • Level 20: Promoting at the base class level cap maximizes base class growths. However, some skills like Vantage require lower levels.

In general, waiting longer to use Master Seals results in stronger unit stats. But promoting earlier provides promotion bonuses sooner. Find the right balance for your playstyle.

How Do Master Seals Work?

Using a Master Seal on a unit brings up the class change menu, allowing you to choose an advanced promoted class for that unit.

  • The unit’s level resets to level 1 in the new class.
  • The unit keeps all previously learned skills.
  • The unit cannot demote or revert back to the base class.

You can use Second Seals or Heart Seals after promotion to further customize your units.

Where To Get Master Seals

There are a few methods to acquire Master Seals:

  • Shops: After the mid-game, Master Seals become available for purchase at shops. They are expensive, so save up gold in advance.
  • Chests: Some story chapters have Master Seals as chest drops or stealable items from bosses. Seize these limited opportunities.
  • Events: Certain chapters may reward a Master Seal for completing side objectives. Rescue civilians, defeat bosses, etc.

Shop stock for Master Seals is limited at first but eventually becomes unlimited in the late game. Early on, you’ll need to plan carefully on who gets your few Master Seals.

Promotion Tips and Strategies

  • Focus on key units first: Your army’s core offensive units like mounted, flying, and magic classes should get first priority for promotion.
  • Specialized classes: Some special classes like Dancers cannot promote but are still invaluable for support.
  • Reclass for skills: Use Second Seals to reclass promoted units to base classes to learn skills, then repromote.
  • Difficulty matters: Playing on Hard and Lunatic difficulties may warrant earlier promotions to keep units combat-ready.

Learning how and when to use Master Seals is integral to success in Fire Emblem games. Follow these tips to build an elite promoted army!

Common Questions

Should I use Master Seals on healers?

While healers like Clerics eventually want to promote to Bishop to improve healing range, they are generally a lower priority for Master Seals than your main combat units.

What happens if I use a Master Seal before level 10?

Nothing – the unit must be at least level 10 to use a Master Seal, so attempting to use it before then will not work.

Do promoted units reset to level 1 with a Master Seal?

Yes, promoted units will reset back to level 1 in their new advanced class when using a Master Seal.


Master Seals are essential items for promoting your army. Use them wisely, balancing unit growth against promotion bonuses. With enough experience, you will master this key Fire Emblem mechanic for constructing an unstoppable force. Pay attention to class growth rates, skills, and team synergy as you elevate your units to advanced classes.