How to Connect Phone to Laptop with USB [Guide for Dummies]

How to Connect Phone to Laptop with USB

Every phone in the last decade is featured with USB connection to the larger machine, such as desktop PC and laptop. The USB connection considered as the most convenient way to transfer files. So, how to connect the phone to laptop with a USB cable?

The phone manufacturer ship the product including the USB cable. Meanwhile, the modern smartphone mostly combines the USB cable with the charger to reduce the price.

Lucky for you, connecting the phone to the laptop is a pretty simple and not difficult task.

How to connect a phone to laptop with USB

Simply by plug in the USB connector to your phone and the other side, plug in the USB to laptop or desktop computer. The phone immediately shows options about a mode during the connections, either charging only transfer files, or MIDI.

How to Connect Phone to Laptop with USB

A short explanation of 4 major modes when an Android phone connected through USB:

  • Charging: The phone will receive power from the laptop, but cannot access the file. The charging progress usually slower because it’s not a charger adapter.
  • Media Transfer Protocol: Or commonly called MTP for short is a protocol to transfer any type of files both from laptop and phone.
  • Photo Transfer Protocol: Is an alternative way if in case MTP doesn’t support. However, only the photo file format can be transferred through this connection.
  • MIDI: Mainly for connecting phone to the musical instruments, not a computer.

If you wanted to transfer files from phone to laptop or vice versa, please choose the second option (Media Transfer Protocol).

What if the phone unable to connect to the laptop?

Try to wiggle the USB connector from both sides. This will help pins inside the port to be connected properly. Also, make sure you are not using an old USB cable, it may be rusted and not working as it should be.

You can ask your friend to borrow the same type of USB connector like your phone. Furthermore, you may want to link the phone to another laptop in case the previous laptop has a damaged port.

If the laptop has no Standard USB-A port

Laptop, in general, has a standard USB-A port. But in recent years, laptop maker is trying to reduce the weight and thickness of the laptop. Hence, some modern laptop shipped with only USB-C port and remove traditional USB-A.

If your laptop only provides USB-C, you need a USB OTG to ‘bridge’ standard USB-A to USB-C. I’ve published a buying guide of USB OTG for Android phones, check it out! It would help you!


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