How To Construct Bookshelves for Storage in Minecraft Game

As an avid Minecraft player with over 10 years of experience building elaborate structures and mechanisms in-game, I’m excited to share my knowledge on constructing functional bookshelves for storage.

An Introduction to Bookshelves

Bookshelves in Minecraft serve both decorative and functional purposes. They liven up room interiors with splashes of color while also boosting enchantments when placed near an enchanting table. However, regular bookshelves do not actually store items. The new chiseled bookshelf block introduced in the 1.20 update finally brings true book storage to the game.

Why Build Bookshelves?

Here are some great reasons to build bookshelves in your Minecraft world:

  • Store and organize books, book & quills, enchanted books, etc.
  • Create compact yet expansive libraries and archives
  • Hide secret storage areas behind shelves
  • Power redstone contraptions and mechanisms
  • Boost enchantments at enchanting tables
  • Decorate homes, libraries, studies, and more

With the functionality brought by chiseled bookshelves, books can now be a central element in many Minecraft builds.

Constructing Bookshelves Step-By-Step

Follow these steps to craft and place bookshelves with storage capabilities:

1. Gather Materials

You’ll need the following:

  • 3 Books (made from paper and leather)
  • 6 Wood Planks (any type)
  • Crafting Table

Optional aesthetic materials:

  • Signs
  • Flower pots
  • Item frames

2. Craft a Chiseled Bookshelf

Use 6 wood planks and 3 books to craft a chiseled bookshelf in the 3×3 crafting grid.

Tip: Craft and place more bookshelves adjacent to each other to expand storage.

3. Add Storage

Right click the bookshelf while holding a book to add it to the shelf. Each shelf holds up to 6 books.

4. Empty the Bookshelf

Break the bookshelf block to drop all stored books and regain the bookshelf item. Re-place it to easily clear shelf space.

5. Link with Hoppers & Droppers

Funnel items in and out of bookshelves automatically by connecting hoppers and droppers.


6. Power Redstone Devices

Detect filled bookshelves with redstone comparators. Bookshelves emit signals when occupied, allowing for redstone-activated doors, lights, traps and more!


7. Enchant Items

Place up to 15 bookshelves around an enchanting table to receive high-level enchants on items. Add chiseled bookshelves to boost enchanting while also storing enchanting materials.


8. Decorate Creatively

The decoration options for bookshelves are endless. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Flower pots and signs
  • Hidden lighting
  • Item frame displays
  • Maps
  • Custom book titles

Spruce up your shelves and make every build unique!


Innovative Bookshelf Designs

Take bookshelves beyond just storage with these creative build ideas:

Compact Underground Libraries: Stack bookshelves to conserve surface space while storing vast quantities underground.

Aquarium Shelves: Insert water between bookshelves and add fish for a fusion library-aquarium space.


Redstone Shelves: Have a hidden passage in your library that opens only when a certain book is removed from the shelf! Use redstone comparators to create secret entrances activated by storing and removing books.

Display Shelves: Show off rare items and trophies through item frames placed on bookshelves.

Let these designs spark your imagination for what’s achievable with the new storage bookshelves!

Bookshelf-Themed Room Ideas

Bookshelves can be incorporated into many room themes. Try these ideas out:

  • Libraries – Fill walls with books of different colors
  • Studies – Section off work areas with shelves
  • Enchanting Chambers – Line enchanting setups with shelves imbued with magic
  • Stores – Books and book & quill shops
  • Kitchens – Cookbook collections
  • Bedrooms – Bedtime reading nooks

Match your storage shelves to the theme of each room. Get creative!


The simple addition of the chiseled bookshelf unlocks immense storage and design potential. Compact underground libraries, redstone-activated doors, aquarium study spaces – these are just snippets of what you can create!

Implement some of these tips and innovative bookshelf ideas in your own Minecraft builds. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Share your unique designs online too.

Now those stacks of books have a proper home. Happy building and enchanting!