How to Delete and Remove Photos Received in Kik Messenger App

  • To delete a photo you have received in a Kik chat, press and hold the photo and select “Delete” when the pop-up menu appears. This will delete the photo from your device, but not from the sender’s device.
  • You can also swipe right on a chat thread and tap “Delete” to delete the entire chat history, including all photos, from your device.
  • There is no way to delete a photo you have already sent from the recipient’s device. Once a photo is sent, it can only be deleted locally on your own device.

Kik’s Safety Features for Photos

  • Kik uses Microsoft’s PhotoDNA technology to detect and delete known illegal images sent on its platform. It also has a proprietary SafePhoto feature that scans images for child exploitation material.
  • Kik partners with child safety organizations and law enforcement agencies to address issues around illegal content and make the platform safer.
  • Users can report inappropriate photos received on Kik by tapping the message and selecting “Report”.

Saving Kik Photos

  • To save a photo received on Kik, press and hold it to bring up the pop-up menu and select “Save”. This will save it to your camera roll.
  • You can also use a third party app like MobileTrans to back up all your Kik data, including photos, to your computer.

In summary, you can delete photos locally but not from someone else’s device, and Kik has safety features in place to detect problematic images. Saving photos requires manually saving each one or backing up your full Kik data.