How to Delete and Remove Watermarks from CapCut Video Exports

CapCut is a popular free video editing app for mobile devices. It provides a wide range of editing tools and effects for creating professional-looking videos. However, CapCut adds watermarks to exported videos which can be annoying and ruin your video’s aesthetics. In this article, I will share several methods to remove CapCut watermarks completely based on my experience as a video editor.

Types of CapCut Watermarks

There are two main types of watermarks that CapCut adds:

1. Ending Watermark

This is a clip with the CapCut logo added automatically at the end of your exported video. It’s a separate clip from your actual video.

2. Template Watermark

If you use any of the built-in templates in CapCut, there is a semi-transparent CapCut logo watermark overlayed on the video.

Method 1: Delete the Ending Clip

This is the easiest way to remove the ending watermark. Here are the steps:

  • Open your exported video project in CapCut
  • Slide the video timeline to the right until you see the ending clip with the CapCut logo
  • Select this ending clip and tap the “Delete” icon to remove it
  • Continue editing your video as required
  • Export again without watermark

This method completely removes the ending watermark clip so your viewers won’t see any logo at the end.

Method 2: Use the “Export Without Watermark” Option

CapCut has a dedicated option to export videos without watermarks. Follow these steps:

  • Edit your video in CapCut and apply effects as you want
  • Tap on the export button at the top right corner
  • A popup will show two options – “Export without watermark” and “Export”
  • Select the first option to export your video without any watermark

This is the easiest way to export a watermark-free video from CapCut. However, it only works if you haven’t used any templates.

Method 3: Remove Watermark from Templates

If you used a template from CapCut, there will be a faint logo watermark overlayed on the video. To remove it:

  • Tap on the template option in CapCut
  • Browse and select the template you used earlier
  • On the preview screen, tap “Use template”
  • Make any edits you want and tap export
  • Select the “Export without watermark” option

This will give you a clean video without the annoying template watermark.

Method 4: Use a Video Converter App

You can also use a third party video converter app to remove CapCut watermarks. Here are the steps:

  • Export your final video from CapCut with watermarks
  • Download and install a video converter app like Video Converter by WonderFox
  • Import your CapCut video into the app
  • Edit it if required and export it again without watermarks

The app will render the video again thereby removing any overlays or logos previously added.

Method 5: Screen Record the Edited Video

If above methods don’t work, you can screen record the fully edited video within CapCut and export that. Just ensure you record only the video preview and not the entire app interface. Then the screen recorded video won’t have any watermarks.

Tips for Removing Watermarks

Here are some additional tips when trying to remove CapCut watermarks:

  • Always export first without watermark before sharing the video anywhere. Watermarks can’t be removed after uploading to social media or YouTube.
  • Use screen recording as a last resort as it reduces video quality. Other methods are better.
  • Update CapCut to the latest version for best results. Old versions may not have the watermark removal feature.
  • If a particular template has an annoying watermark, report it to CapCut developers so they can improve it.

Why CapCut Adds Watermarks

You may wonder why CapCut puts watermarks despite being a free app. Here are some reasons:

  • Watermarks help prevent content theft and copyright issues by identifying the editing app’s brand.
  • It allows CapCut to gain publicity through viral videos made with the app. Users recognize CapCut’s role in video creation.
  • Adding watermarks encourages users to upgrade to paid plans for commercial use.
  • The watermarks motivate users to share and attribute CapCut on social media which gives the app free promotion.


I hope this comprehensive guide helped you learn multiple methods to remove annoying watermarks from your CapCut video exports. With these tips, you can create professional videos without any distracting logos or clips using CapCut’s excellent editing tools. Share your best videos on social sites and help them trend without worrying about watermarks!