How to Disable and Exit iPad Multitasking Split View Mode With a Swipe

The iPad’s split view multitasking mode allows you to view two apps side-by-side on the screen. This can be useful for referencing information from one app while working in another. However, sometimes split view can be activated accidentally or you may simply wish to exit it and focus on a single app. Here’s how to disable and exit split view on an iPad with just a swipe.

What is Split View Multitasking?

Split view is an iPad multitasking feature that displays two apps side-by-side, with the ability to adjust the size of each app’s window. It enables working in multiple apps simultaneously, making it easier to transfer data between apps or reference information from one app while working in another.

Split view works together with other multitasking capabilities like Slide Over and Picture-in-Picture. On compatible iPad models running iPadOS 13 or later, these features allow you to view multiple apps on-screen at the same time.

How to Activate Split View

To activate split view:

  1. Open the first app you want to use
  2. Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open the dock
  3. Touch and hold an app icon in the dock, then drag it off the dock to the side of the screen

This will snap the second app into split view next to the first app. You can then adjust the divider between the two apps to resize their windows.

Accidentally Activating Split View

Sometimes split view can be activated accidentally by swiping and dragging apps around the screen. If you find yourself in split view unexpectedly:

  • Tap and hold the grey divider line between the two apps
  • Drag the divider all the way off the side of the screen towards the app you want to close

This will exit split view and return you to the single app view.

How to Disable Split View

If you want to completely disable split view multitasking:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap “Home Screen & Dock”
  3. Tap “Multitasking”
  4. Toggle off “Allow Multiple Apps”

This will disable split view system-wide, preventing it from being activated accidentally.

Other Ways to Exit Split View

Aside from dragging the divider off the screen, there are a couple other quick ways to exit split view:

  • Double press the Home button (iPads with a home button)
  • Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen and hold until you see the app switcher, then tap the app you want to focus on

These methods will close the secondary app in split view and return you to the main app.


While split view can boost productivity by allowing you to multitask, it can also be accidentally activated at times. Thankfully, exiting split view is as simple as a quick swipe to drag the divider off the screen. And if you want to fully disable split view, you can always toggle it off in Settings. With these tips, you’ll be able to easily manage multitasking on your iPad.

My Experience with iPad Multitasking

As a long-time iPad user, I rely heavily on multitasking features like split view and slide over to enhance my productivity. I often reference information from a web browser while taking notes in another app, or have a messaging app open in slide over to easily check messages while working on something else.

Initially, I found myself accidentally triggering split view when dragging apps around. But over time, I learned all the gestures and how to properly activate and exit split view with a quick swipe. Now, iPad multitasking feels like second nature and has become an indispensable part of my workflow.

The key is taking the time to learn all the touch gestures and multitasking capabilities available on the iPad. With practice, these features truly unlock the iPad’s potential as a productivity powerhouse. I can’t imagine using my iPad without split view and slide over anymore!