How to Disconnect and Remove Chromecast Device Linked to YouTube Account

A Chromecast device allows you to stream content from your phone, tablet or computer directly to your TV. It’s very convenient to use, but can also present some privacy concerns if you have roommates or share your WiFi network. Fortunately, there are a few ways to disconnect or remove a Chromecast device that is linked to your YouTube account.

Why You Might Want to Disconnect Chromecast from YouTube

Here are some common reasons for disconnecting your Chromecast device from YouTube:

  • Accidental casting: If you accidentally tap the Cast button, you could end up showing content on the TV that you didn’t intend to share. This could be embarrassing or reveal private information.
  • Roommates/family seeing your activity: If someone else on your WiFi network casts content, you’ll get a notification. You may not want roommates or family members seeing what you’re watching.
  • Privacy concerns: Google and YouTube collect data on your viewing habits when you cast content. You may want to limit this data collection.
  • No longer using the device: If you have an old Chromecast you no longer use, you’ll probably want to disconnect it from your YouTube account.

How to Disconnect Chromecast from YouTube App

There are a couple ways to unlink your Chromecast device specifically from the YouTube app:

1. Remove Device Through YouTube App Settings

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone and go to Settings > Watch on TV
  • Under Link with TV code, tap Enter TV code
  • Enter the code shown on your TV to link the device
  • Now select Delete Devices and find your Chromecast to remove it

2. Disable Chromecast in Google Home App

  • Open the Google Home app and long press your Chromecast device
  • Tap Settings > Remove Device > Remove to delete it

Disconnecting through these methods only affects the YouTube app’s connection to that Chromecast. Your Google account stays linked to the Chromecast for other casting purposes.

How to Completely Remove Chromecast From Your Google Account

If you want to fully unlink a Chromecast device from your Google account across all apps and services, follow these steps:

1. Remove it in Your Account Settings

2. Factory Reset the Chromecast Device

Performing a factory reset will also remove your account information:

  • Press and hold the Chromecast’s physical button until it blinks orange
  • Open the Google Home app to set it up again as a new device

Once disconnected from your account, the Chromecast won’t show your Google account information or tie any app activities to your account. You can add it again anytime.

Tips for Added Chromecast Privacy and Security

Here are some extra recommendations for keeping your Chromecast secure:

  • Disable Guest Mode so only people on your WiFi network can cast content
  • Use strong WiFi password so others nearby can’t access your network
  • Set up access controls in your router to limit Chromecast usage
  • Factory reset when giving away or reselling your Chromecast

Following these tips in addition to disconnecting the device when needed gives you more control over your Chromecast privacy.


  • Disconnecting a Chromecast from the YouTube app only affects YouTube, while fully removing it from your Google account disconnects it across all services
  • Reset the Chromecast or remove it in your account settings to fully unlink it
  • Disable Guest Mode, use a strong WiFi password, and set up access controls for more privacy
  • Factory reset Chromecasts before giving them away or reselling them

I hope this comprehensive guide helps explain how to disconnect a Chromecast linked to your YouTube account! Let me know if you have any other questions.