How to Save and View Older Conversations in the Kik Messaging App

Key Takeaways

  • Kik does not store messages on its servers, so old conversations are automatically deleted after a certain period
  • You can view up to 1000 recent messages on iPhone and 600 on Android within the Kik app
  • To save old Kik messages, you need to take screenshots, copy and paste text, or use third-party data recovery tools

Kik is a popular messaging app that prioritizes user privacy and anonymity. Unlike many other messaging platforms, Kik does not store your conversations on its servers. Instead, messages are stored locally on your device. While this approach enhances privacy, it also means that old messages are automatically deleted after a certain period to save storage space.

If you want to save and view older conversations on Kik, you’ll need to take some proactive steps. In this article, we’ll explore various methods to help you preserve your Kik chat history.

Viewing Recent Messages Within the Kik App

Kik allows you to view a limited number of recent messages directly within the app. On an iPhone, you can scroll back and see up to 1000 messages from the last 48 hours. On Android devices, the limit is 600 messages over the same time period.

To view recent messages on Kik:

  1. Open the Kik app on your device
  2. Navigate to the conversation you want to view
  3. Scroll up to see the recent messages

Keep in mind that this method only shows you messages from the last 48 hours. Any messages older than that will not be visible within the app.

Taking Screenshots to Save Kik Conversations

One of the simplest ways to save old Kik messages is by taking screenshots. This method works on both iOS and Android devices, and it allows you to capture the conversation as an image file.

To take screenshots of a Kik conversation:

  1. Open the conversation you want to save
  2. Scroll to the beginning of the conversation
  3. Take a screenshot by pressing the appropriate button combination on your device (e.g., Power + Volume Down on Android, Power + Home on iOS)
  4. Repeat step 3 as needed to capture the entire conversation

While taking screenshots is a straightforward method, it can be time-consuming if you have long conversations. Additionally, the resulting images may not be ideal for searching or copying text.

Copying and Pasting Kik Messages

Another option for saving Kik conversations is to copy and paste the text into a separate document or note-taking app. This method works best on devices that support text selection and copying.

To copy and paste Kik messages:

  1. Open the conversation you want to save
  2. Long-press on a message to select it
  3. Tap “Select All” or manually select the desired messages
  4. Copy the selected text
  5. Paste the text into a document or note-taking app

This method allows you to save Kik conversations in a more readable and searchable format. However, it can be tedious for long conversations, and you may lose formatting and media attachments.

Using Third-Party Data Recovery Tools

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution to save and view old Kik messages, you may want to consider using a third-party data recovery tool. These tools can scan your device’s storage and recover deleted or lost data, including Kik conversations.

Some popular data recovery tools for Kik include:

  • iMyFone D-Back (for iOS devices)
  • EaseUS MobiSaver (for iOS and Android devices)
  • AnyRecover (for iOS devices)

These tools typically require you to connect your device to a computer and follow a series of steps to scan for and recover lost data. While they can be effective, they often come with a cost, and the recovery process may not be 100% successful.

Note: Before using any third-party data recovery tool, make sure to research it thoroughly and read reviews from reputable sources. Some tools may be unreliable or even contain malware.

Backing Up Kik Conversations

While Kik does not provide an official way to back up your conversations, you can try backing up your device’s data using built-in tools like iCloud or iTunes (for iOS devices) or Google Drive or Samsung Cloud (for Android devices). These backups may include your Kik data, allowing you to restore it later if needed.

However, it’s important to note that backups are not guaranteed to include your Kik conversations, and the restoration process may overwrite your current data. Always exercise caution when dealing with backups and data restoration.


Saving and viewing older conversations on Kik can be a challenge due to the app’s privacy-focused design. While Kik allows you to view a limited number of recent messages within the app, preserving older conversations requires additional steps, such as taking screenshots, copying and pasting text, or using third-party data recovery tools.

If you frequently need to refer to old Kik conversations, it’s recommended to take proactive measures to save them regularly. Additionally, be cautious when using third-party tools and always prioritize data security and privacy.

By following the methods outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of successfully saving and viewing older Kik conversations when needed.