How to Discover New Instagram Follower Notifications and View Your Latest Fans

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 2 billion monthly active users. As a content creator or business owner, gaining new followers and fans is crucial for expanding your reach. However, with so many posts and updates happening, it can be easy to miss notifications when someone new decides to follow you.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to discover new Instagram follower notifications and view your latest fans. Here is a guide on how to do so:

Set Up Push Notifications on Instagram

The easiest way to discover new followers is by turning on push notifications in the Instagram app. Here’s how:

On iOS:

  • Go to your device Settings > Notifications > Select Instagram > Toggle on “Allow Notifications”
  • Choose notification types like “Likes”, “Comments”, and “Follower Requests”

On Android:

  • Open Instagram App > Go to your Profile > Tap the 3-Line Menu > Settings > Push Notifications
  • Toggle on notifications like “Likes and Comments” and “Follow and Unfollow”

Once enabled, you’ll get alerts on your device whenever you receive a new like, comment, or follower.

Check Your Activity Feed

Instagram’s activity feed shows all your latest notifications in chronological order, including new followers.

To access it:

  • Tap your Profile Picture > Tap the Heart Icon
  • Scroll down to see notifications of new followers, comments, likes, etc.

This is an easy way to discover new fans and also check any interactions you may have missed.

View Your Followers List

Instagram organizes your followers list by showing the most recent followers first.

To see new followers:

  • Go to your Profile > Followers
  • The latest followers will be at the top of the list

You can scroll through the list to identify fans who have recently started following you.

Use Third-Party Analytics Tools

There are many third-party tools like Iconosquare, Social Blade, and InBeat that connect to your Instagram account and provide detailed analytics.

These tools show you:

  • When you received new followers
  • Location and demographic data of followers
  • Engagement stats for your posts
  • Unfollowers and ghost followers

The analytics allow you to segment and view your newest fans easily.

Check Your Email Notifications

If you enabled email notifications in Settings, Instagram will send you alerts whenever you get a new like, comment, or follower.

So check your email inbox to discover new followers and fan interactions you may have missed.

Respond and Engage With New Fans

Once you identify new followers, be sure to engage with them by:

  • Liking their posts and commenting
  • Replying to comments they post on your content
  • Following them back if you like their feed
  • Thanking them for the follow with a DM

This helps convert casual followers into loyal fans for your brand or profile.

Use an Instagram Follower Tracker

A follower tracker like IGTracker shows you real-time stats whenever someone follows or unfollows you.

It can:

  • Send you instant alerts when you gain or lose followers
  • Show you the exact times of new follows and unfollows
  • Track your overall follower growth over time

So you never miss notifications and can engage new fans quicker.


Gaining an audience and new followers is key for success on Instagram. While the app sends notifications, it’s easy to miss them occasionally.

Use the tips outlined here to discover new followers, view your latest fans quickly, and turn them into engaged brand advocates.

Stay on top of your notifications, and you’ll be able to grow your account effectively!