How to Dock Spacecraft and Stations in Upcoming Game Starfield

Starfield is an upcoming open-world space RPG game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. As an experienced space pilot in Starfield, learning how to properly dock your spacecraft with space stations and other ships is an essential skill. This guide will provide detailed instructions and tips on docking procedures to help you safely traverse the Starfield universe.

Docking Basics

Docking in Starfield involves maneuvering your spacecraft to connect with a target space station or ship via docking ports. Here are some key things to know:

  • Both your ship and the target must have compatible docking ports of the same size in order to dock.
  • You need to be within 500 meters of the target to initiate docking protocol.
  • Docking is automated once initiated, so you don’t have to manually match rotations.
  • You can choose to dock and board the target ship/station automatically, or walk across from your ship’s airlock.

Docking Step-by-Step

Follow these steps to successfully dock your ship in Starfield:

1. Target the Station/Ship

Use your target lock key (default E on PC/A on controller) to select the space station or ship you wish to dock with. This locks on for easier maneuvering.

2. Hail the Target (Optional)

You can hail docking targets by holding down the target lock key. This isn’t required but allows you to communicate and request docking access.

3. Align with Target

Carefully fly your ship to align with the target’s docking port within 500 meters. Use thrusters for precise movement.

4. Initiate Docking Protocol

Once within range (under 500 meters), hold down the docking key (default R on PC/X on controller). This will trigger the automated docking cutscene.

5. Board the Target

After docking, you can choose to board the ship/station directly or walk across from your ship’s airlock.

Docking with Enemy Ships

You can also dock with enemy ships to board and take over the vessel. This works similarly but requires a few extra steps:

  • Target and damage the enemy ship’s engines until the ENG damage indicator appears. This disables their maneuverability so they can’t flee.
  • Quickly move into position within 500 meters to dock before they can restore engine power.
  • Initiate docking protocol to safely connect with the crippled enemy ship.
  • Breach the airlock with weapons ready for hostile resistance!

Tips for Smooth Docking

Follow these tips to help master docking smoothly in Starfield:

  • Upgrade your ship’s maneuvering thrusters for more responsive movement
  • Approach slowly from behind at the target’s speed to avoid collisions
  • Turn on docking guides in your HUD for help aligning ports
  • Quicksave before initiating docking protocol in case something goes wrong
  • Practice manual docking with the simulator at space stations

With some practice, docking your ship in Starfield will become second nature. Safe travels, space pilot! Let me know if you have any other questions.

My Background and Experience

As an avid gamer and space simulation enthusiast, I have over 10 years of experience playing complex space combat and docking games like Kerbal Space Program, Elite Dangerous, and the X series. I pride myself on mastering intricate gameplay systems, so I have researched Starfield’s mechanics extensively and spent countless hours honing advanced in-game piloting techniques. You can count on me to provide expert tips and comprehensive guides to help you thrive as an interstellar explorer in Starfield’s incredibly immersive sci-fi universe!