How To Download and Save Music Playlists and Tracks in Deezer App

Deezer is a popular music streaming service that allows you to listen to millions of songs, create playlists, and more. While you can access your music through the Deezer app when you have an internet connection, you may want to download playlists or tracks for offline listening when you don’t have service.

Fortunately, Deezer makes it easy to download music right in the app so you can keep listening anywhere, anytime – even without WiFi or data. Here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading and saving playlists and tracks with Deezer.

Downloading Playlists for Offline Listening

Deezer allows you to download entire playlists for offline access when you don’t have an internet connection. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the Deezer app and navigate to the playlist you want to download. You’ll see a download icon next to the playlist name.

Step 2: Tap the download icon. This will save the entire playlist for offline listening.

Step 3: To access your downloaded playlists, tap on the “Downloads” tab at the bottom of the app screen. Here you’ll see all your saved offline playlists.

Things to Know:

  • Downloaded playlists are available for offline listening for 30 days after download.
  • You can also select individual songs in a playlist to download rather than the full playlist.
  • Downloads work for both user-created playlists as well as Deezer curated playlists.
  • Downloaded playlists don’t count against offline download limits.

Saving Individual Tracks for Offline Listening

In addition to full playlists, you can also save individual tracks to your device to listen when offline:

Step 1: When listening to a track you want to save, tap the download icon next to the track name.

Step 2: This will begin downloading the track to your device for offline access.

Step 3: To see your saved tracks, go to the “Downloads” tab in the app.

Additional Tips:

  • There is a limit on how many tracks you can save based on your Deezer subscription.
  • Downloaded tracks remain available offline for 30 days after saving them.
  • You can easily delete saved tracks whenever you like to free up space.
  • Downloading works for almost any track in the Deezer catalog.

Managing Your Downloaded Music Library

Once you start downloading Deezer playlists and tracks for offline use, you may need to manage your saved music library:

Check Download Limits: See how many tracks you can continue saving based on your account details under Menu > Settings. This varies by subscription type.

Remove Expired Downloads: Tracks automatically delete 30 days after downloading if not played. You can manually delete expired tracks too.

Delete Individual Downloads: Tap the download icon again on any saved track to remove it. This frees up offline storage space.

Clear All Downloads: Under Menu > Settings, choose “Clear All Downloads” to delete saved playlists and tracks. They will need to be downloaded again.

Check Download Progress: For large playlists, see the download progress under the “Downloads” tab. This shows pending and completed downloads.

Properly managing downloads ensures you get the most out of Deezer’s offline listening limits and available storage space.

Listening Offline with Downloaded Playlists & Tracks

Once you’ve saved Deezer music for offline access, listening to downloads works just like accessing your regular Deezer library:

Access Downloads: Tap “Downloads” tab to see playlists and tracks saved for offline use.

Play Downloaded Playlists & Tracks: Tap any downloaded playlist or track to start listening just like you normally would. No internet connection required.

Search Downloads: Use the Deezer search bar to find downloaded items by name when offline. This only shows saved music.

Sync Playback Position: When you regain internet connectivity, Deezer syncs your playback position so you can pick up right where you left off seamlessly.

Downloaded Deezer music essentially gives you your own portable Deezer music library to listen anywhere, anytime – even without mobile data or WiFi.

Troubleshooting Deezer Downloads & Offline Access

Having issues downloading or listening to Deezer music offline? Try these tips:

  • Update the App: Make sure Deezer is updated to the latest version which may resolve bugs.
  • Check Connection: You need an internet connection to download items initially. Try on WiFi if mobile data isn’t working.
  • Reboot Device: Power your device off and back on to refresh Deezer’s connectivity and downloads.
  • Clear Cache: Deezer may have outdated data cached. Clearing it forces an app data refresh.
  • Delete & Redownload: Sometimes downloads become corrupted. Deleting and re-downloading the item fixes this.
  • Contact Support: If above steps don’t resolve download issues, contact Deezer customer service for troubleshooting help.

While accessing downloads offline is designed to “just work”, bugs happen. Following troubleshooting steps usually gets Deezer saving and playing your music properly again.

Downloading Deezer Music on Multiple Devices

A nice benefit of Deezer is that your account supports downloading saved playlists and tracks on up to 5 different devices simultaneously.

This means each family member can save Deezer music to their own phone or tablet for offline access without limiting anyone else. Helpful for long trips!

To download music for offline use on multiple devices:

  1. Log into your Deezer account on up to 5 phones, tablets, or computers.
  2. Use the steps above to download playlists or tracks on each device.
  3. All devices share the same offline download limits based on your account.
  4. Manage each device’s downloads individually in the Downloads tab.

So while downloads are device-specific, your overall Deezer subscription and library is shared across all logged-in devices – making it easy for everyone to access music offline!

In Summary

Downloading and listening to Deezer music offline is a valuable feature for uninterrupted playback anywhere. Simply use the app to:

  • Save entire playlists or individual tracks for offline access.
  • Manage downloads to stay within account limits.
  • Access and play downloads using the “Downloads” tab.
  • Share downloads across up to 5 phones/tablets on the same Deezer account.

With your favorite Deezer songs, albums, and playlists downloaded for offline use, you can keep the music playing on any device, anywhere – even without an internet connection.