How to Earn Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

Legend Tokens are an important currency in Apex Legends that can be used to unlock new legends and exclusive cosmetic items. As a free-to-play player, earning Legend Tokens through gameplay is crucial for expanding your roster of playable characters and customizing their looks without spending real money.

What are Legend Tokens?

Legend Tokens are a currency that is directly tied to your account level progression in Apex Legends. You earn 600 Legend Tokens every time your account levels up, starting at level 4. Legend Tokens are used to unlock new legends, which cost 12,000 tokens each, as well as recolors of certain legendary weapon and character skins in the in-game store.

Ways to Earn Legend Tokens

Here are the main ways to earn Legend Tokens in Apex Legends:

Leveling Up Your Account

The primary way to earn Legend Tokens is by leveling up your Apex Legends account. You earn 600 tokens each time you gain an account level, which requires a set amount of XP.

  • Focus on survival time, damage dealt, and kills to maximize XP gains per match.
  • Play with friends for an XP boost.
  • Complete daily and weekly challenges.
  • Progress through the battle pass for stacking XP boosts.

Reaching Season Level Milestones

In addition to account levels, you also gain seasonal levels each season. Certain seasonal level milestones will award you bonus Legend Tokens:

  • Level 5: 600 Legend Tokens
  • Level 15: 1200 Legend Tokens
  • Level 25: 2400 Legend Tokens

Make sure to take advantage of these extra token rewards each season.

How Many Legend Tokens to Unlock a Legend?

New legends cost 12,000 Legend Tokens to unlock without spending real money. At the rate of 600 tokens per level, it takes 20 levels to earn enough tokens for one new legend.

Here are some tips for new players looking to unlock their first few legends:

  • Save your first 12,000 tokens for your favorite legend.
  • Stick to the 6 free legends for the first 20 levels.
  • Play with friends for faster leveling.
  • Complete daily and weekly challenges.
  • Survive as long as possible each match.

For dedicated players who max out their account level each season, you can potentially unlock each new legend that releases without spending money.

Using Legend Tokens in the Store

In addition to new legends, Legend Tokens can also be used to purchase recolored versions of certain legendary weapon and character skins. These recolors cost either 6500 or 10500 tokens, and they rotate frequently.

However, there are a few important things to note about legend token recolors in the store:

  • You must own the base legendary skin first.
  • The recolored versions are only available for a limited time.
  • Check the store frequently for new recolors.
  • Consider saving your tokens for legends instead.

While the recolored legendary skins may look cool, new legends should take priority for most free players when it comes to spending legend tokens.

Tips for Earning More Legend Tokens

Here are some tips to optimize your rate of earning Legend Tokens in Apex Legends:

  • Play with friends for XP boosts
  • Survive longer in matches for more XP
  • Use XP bonuses from the battle pass
  • Complete daily and weekly challenges
  • Maximize your survival time each match
  • Equip XP boosting legends like Mirage, Gibraltar, etc.
  • Take advantage of double XP events

The longer you can survive in a match, the more XP you will earn towards the next level milestone. Playing with friends and using all available XP bonuses will help you level up much quicker.

Legend Token Costs Summary

Here’s a quick summary of what you can unlock using Legend Tokens:

  • New Legend: 12,000 tokens
  • Legendary Recolor Skin: 6,500 or 10,500 tokens
  • Challenge Reroll: 200 tokens (first one free)

As you can see, new legends should be your top priority when it comes to spending your hard-earned Legend Tokens in Apex Legends. Cosmetic items come second. Rerolling challenges generally isn’t worth it.


Earning Legend Tokens by playing Apex Legends is the best way for free players to unlock new content without spending money. Focus on leveling up your account, playing with friends, completing challenges, and maximizing your survival time in matches. Be selective when spending your tokens, prioritizing new legends first. Stick to these tips and you’ll be unlocking new legends in no time!