How to Easily Find Other Players In Your Minecraft Multiplayer Worlds

  1. Follow players sneakily to try to discover their base location. You won’t see exact coordinates but you can track them visually[5].
  2. Check the world data using the /data command to see limited information about a player’s location and status[5]. This may not give specific coordinates but provides some information.
  3. Install plugins like Mapcoords that have /locate commands to find player coordinates[1]. However, this requires access to install plugins.
  4. Use an external server mapping tool like Dynmap that can display all online players on a live map[1]. However, this also requires special permissions/access.

In general, there is no vanilla way to get exact locations of other players without their consent. The best options are to use sneakiness, tracking with maps, or enabling special plugins/tools. But ultimately you’ll need player cooperation or admin privileges to directly locate others. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!