How to Easily Locate and Identify Apps on Samsung Smart TV Home Screen

Samsung Smart TVs come with a wide variety of pre-installed apps, as well as the ability to download hundreds of additional apps to customize your viewing experience. However, with so many app options available, it can be difficult to locate and identify the apps you want on your Samsung Smart TV’s home screen. Here are some tips to easily find, organize, and recognize apps on your Samsung Smart TV.

Locating Apps on the Home Screen

When you first turn on your Samsung Smart TV, you will see the home screen. This is your starting point to access all of the apps, streaming services, live TV, and connected devices available on your TV.

To open the full app menu:

  • Press the “Home” button on your Samsung remote
  • Use the directional arrow keys to scroll left and select “Apps”

This will open the complete app library where you can browse and search for apps.

To add apps to the home screen:

  • Navigate to the app you want to add
  • Press down on the directional pad to open a menu
  • Select “Add to Home”

This will pin the app to the first few slots on the home screen for quick access.

Using the App Search Function

The easiest way to locate a specific app is to use the search function.

To access search:

  • Open the Apps menu
  • Select the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner
  • Use the on-screen keyboard to type in the name of the app

As you type, a list of matching apps will populate. Select the app you want and choose “Install” to download it or “Open” to launch an already installed app.

Organizing and Managing Apps

To keep your home screen tidy and apps easy to find, you can organize your apps in the order you prefer.

To move app icons around:

  • Highlight the app you want to move
  • Press down on the directional pad to open the menu
  • Select “Move”
  • Use the arrow keys to slide the app icon into your desired position
  • Press Enter/Select to place it

You can also choose to delete unused apps to declutter your home screen:

  • Highlight the app
  • Open menu
  • Select “Delete”

Some pre-installed apps cannot be deleted but they can be removed from the home screen by using “Remove from Home”.

Identifying App Icons

Over time as you install new apps, it can be difficult remembering what each app icon represents. But there are a few ways to easily identify them:

1. App Names

Highlight any app by navigating to it with the arrow keys. The name will display at the top of the screen.

2. Preview Screenshots

Before opening an app, you can view preview images:

  • Highlight app
  • Press down to open menu
  • Select “View Details”

This will show preview screenshots so you can identify the app.

3. Muscle Memory

If you always keep certain apps like Netflix or YouTube in the same home screen position, you’ll instinctively remember where they are.

4. App Library

If an icon on the home screen becomes unfamiliar, head to the full Apps menu and browse categories like Media or Games to jog your memory on what each app is for. The name and images will help identify any mystery app icons.


Locating, organizing, and identifying apps is easy on your Samsung Smart TV once you know where to look and how to customize your home screen layout. Use search when you know the name, leverage preview images when an icon has you stumped, and keep favorite apps in consistent positions. With a bit of app management, you can make app identification frustration a thing of the past.