How to Easily Mute Spaces Chats

Google Chat’s Spaces feature allows for group conversations, similar to chat rooms. While Spaces can be useful for collaboration and communication, the notifications can become overwhelming. Fortunately, Google Chat provides easy ways to mute Spaces chats.

Why Mute Spaces Chats

Here are some reasons you may want to mute Spaces chats:

  • Reduce distractions when you need to focus. Notifications can interrupt your work or concentration.
  • Avoid getting pulled into unimportant conversations. Some Spaces may be active but not very relevant to you.
  • Manage your digital wellbeing. Constant notifications from Spaces can contribute to information overload.

Ways to Mute Spaces

You have a few options to mute Spaces chats:

Mute All Notifications Temporarily

To mute notifications from all Spaces for a set period of time:

  • Open Google Chat
  • Click your profile icon in the top right
  • Select Do Not Disturb
  • Choose the length of time to mute notifications

Notifications will automatically resume once the mute period expires.

Mute Specific Spaces

To mute notifications for certain Spaces chats:

  • Open the Space
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the Space name
  • Select Notifications
  • Choose Notify less

This will mute notifications unless someone @mentions you.

Use Do Not Disturb Schedules

For recurring mute periods:

  • Go to Google Chat
  • Click your profile icon
  • Select Do Not Disturb
  • Click Create new under schedules
  • Set the date, time, and duration to automatically mute notifications

Mute Space Hosts

You can also mute notifications by muting the host of the Space.

To do this:

  • Open the Space
  • Click the profile icon of the host
  • Select Mute

Customize Notification Settings

For more notification control, customize your general Google Chat settings:

On Desktop

  • Open Google Chat
  • Click Settings > Notifications
  • Adjust notification settings as desired

On Android

  • Open the Google Chat app
  • Tap your profile icon
  • Go to Settings > Notifications
  • Customize notification settings

On iOS

  • Open the Google Chat app
  • Tap your profile icon
  • Select Settings & Privacy > Notifications
  • Edit notification settings

Best Practices for Muting Spaces

Here are some tips for effectively managing Spaces notifications:

  • Set Do Not Disturb schedules for times you want to focus uninterrupted, like meetings or deep work periods
  • Mute Spaces that are very active but low priority
  • Mute Space hosts instead of leaving Spaces so you can easily resume notifications later
  • Disable certain notification triggers like mentions if you still find notifications distracting
  • Periodically review your notification settings and muted Spaces

The Benefits of Muting Spaces

While Spaces can facilitate useful team conversations, constant notifications can be disruptive. Selectively muting Spaces gives you control over distractions.

Benefits include:

  • Fewer interruptions so you can stay focused
  • Less digital noise and information overload
  • More flexibility to choose when and how often you engage with certain conversations
  • Increased productivity from reduced context switching between tasks
  • Better digital wellbeing through more intentional technology use

So if you feel like you’re getting pinged too frequently from Google Chat’s Spaces, use the muting options to take back control of your time and attention.

Frequently Asked Questions About Muting Spaces

Here are answers to some common questions about muting Spaces chats:

Can I mute Spaces on my mobile device?

Yes, you can mute Spaces in the Google Chat apps for both Android and iOS using the steps outlined above.

What happens if I mute a Space?

Muting a Space means you will no longer receive any notifications from that conversation unless you are directly @mentioned. The Space will not show up as unread, and it will be muted across all your devices.

If I mute a Space host, will it mute the notifications for all Spaces they host?

No, muting a host will only mute notifications from the specific Space you mute them in. Their other Spaces or new Spaces they create will not be impacted.

Can I mute all existing Spaces at once?

Unfortunately there is no way to globally mute notifications for all your current Spaces. You have to mute them individually. However, you can use Do Not Disturb to temporarily mute notifications from all Spaces.

What happens when my Do Not Disturb schedule expires?

Once your scheduled Do Not Disturb period expires, notifications will automatically resume. You don’t need to manually re-enable notifications.

Will muting Spaces also mute direct message notifications?

No, muting Spaces will only affect notifications from those group conversations. Your 1-on-1 direct messages will still show notifications unless you separately mute those chats.


Muting notifications is an easy way to manage disruptions from overly active Spaces chats. Google Chat provides flexible options to mute Spaces at the individual or global level, permanently or temporarily.

By setting up Do Not Disturb schedules, customizing notifications settings, and selectively muting certain Spaces, you can stay on top of relevant conversations while minimizing digital distractions. This allows you to maintain productivity and focus when needed.

The ability to specifically control notifications from Spaces gives users more granular control. So make use of Google Chat’s muting capabilities to optimize your experience and digital wellbeing.