How to Enable and Configure Nightbot Moderator Bot on Twitch

Nightbot is a popular auto-moderation bot for Twitch that provides a variety of helpful moderation features to manage chat and create a friendlier streaming environment. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to enable Nightbot and customize it for your Twitch channel:

Enabling Nightbot and Connecting it to Your Twitch Channel

To enable Nightbot:

  • Go to the Nightbot website and click on “Sign in with Twitch” in the upper right corner. This will connect your Twitch account to Nightbot.
  • Select your Twitch channel that you want to connect Nightbot to.
  • Click the “Authorize” button to enable Nightbot on your selected Twitch channel.

Once connected, you can access the main Nightbot dashboard for your channel by clicking on your username in the upper right and selecting “Dashboard” from the dropdown menu.

Customizing Nightbot Settings

The Nightbot dashboard allows you to customize a variety of auto-moderation settings and tools for your channel:

Managing Banned Words and Spam Protection

  • Go to the “Spam Protection” tab. Here you can add banned words and phrases that will automatically be deleted if posted in chat.
  • You can toggle on/off the “Spam” and “Caps Protection” filters as well. The sensitivity of these filters can also be adjusted.

Creating Custom Commands

  • Go to the “Custom Commands” tab. Here you can create custom commands that allow viewers to trigger automated messages in chat.
  • For example, you could set up a !discord command that posts a link to your Discord server.

Configuring Regulars and VIPs

  • Go to the “User Levels” tab. Here you can add channel regulars and VIPs.
  • Assigning these user levels allows you to create moderation rules that apply differently to regular viewers vs VIPs/mods.

Managing Moderation and Automation

  • Check out the “Moderation” and “Automation” tabs for additional auto-mod features like timeout durations, link protection, fake purge, and more.

Be sure to thoroughly test Nightbot on your channel to fine-tune the settings before going live. Pay close attention to your chat to ensure it’s working as intended.

Additional Tips for Nightbot Moderation

Here are some additional tips for setting up and managing Nightbot effectively:

  • Update banned words/phrases regularly based on new types of spam in your channel
  • Inform your mods of any new custom commands you add so they can use them
  • Use the user level system to allow trusted regulars some additional permissions
  • Customize timeout durations based on the severity of user offenses
  • Use fake purges periodically to trick spammers into thinking their messages sent

Setting up the right Nightbot configuration for your community may require some trial and error. The key is finding the right balance between keeping your chat clean without being overly restrictive on regular viewers.