How to Transfer Super Admin Role in Zoho Workplace Platform

Zoho Workplace is an integrated suite of applications that includes email, online storage, document creation tools, chat, and more to improve productivity and collaboration. As the platform owner, the Super Admin has the highest level of access and control in the Zoho Workplace account. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to transfer the Super Admin role to another user.

Overview of Super Admin Role

The Super Admin is the default administrator for a Zoho Workplace account. As a Super Admin, you have complete access to manage users, domains, applications, settings, and more across the account.

Some key capabilities of the Super Admin role include:

  • Add, edit and delete users
  • Change user roles and permissions
  • Access and modify all data and files
  • Configure domain and security settings
  • Enable/disable applications and features
  • View usage reports and analytics
  • Add/remove domains
  • Manage billing and payments

Since the Super Admin has unrestricted privileges, it is important to plan for contingency and ensure the role can be transferred to another trusted team member if needed.

Prerequisites for Transferring Super Admin Role

Before you can transfer the Super Admin capabilities, ensure the following:

  • Identify the new Super Admin: Decide who will take over the role and responsibilities. This user should already have an Admin role.
  • Check user roles: Your Zoho Workplace account must have at least 2 users with Admin privileges. A Super Admin cannot exist without having other Admins.
  • Inform the new Super Admin: Let them know about the upcoming change so they can prepare.
  • Plan a transition: Schedule a handover session to walk the new Super Admin through the account, key settings, and responsibilities.

Steps to Change the Super Admin

Follow these steps to transfer the Super Admin role from the current Super Admin to another Admin user:

1. Log in as the Current Super Admin

Log in to your Zoho Workplace account as the current Super Admin to initiate the transfer process.

2. Go to the Admin Console

From the account menu, click on Admin Console. This is where you can manage users, domains, roles, and permissions.

3. Navigate to the Roles page

Go to the Roles menu on the left sidebar and select Super Administrator. This will show you the current Super Admin of your organization.

4. Click on Change Super Administrator

On the Roles – Super Administrator page, click on the Change Super Administrator button.

5. Select the New Super Admin

A pop-up will appear, showing all users in your account with the Admin role. Click on Change next to the user you want to make the new Super Admin.

6. Enter Your Password to Confirm

Enter your account password to confirm that you want to transfer Super Admin privileges. Then click Assign.

7. Notify the New Super Admin

Let the newly-assigned Super Admin know about the change in role and responsibilities. Schedule a handover session to walk them through the critical admin settings and workflows.

That’s it! The Super Admin role is now transferred to the selected Admin user. The previous Super Admin will continue to have the Admin role.

Best Practices for Super Admins

Here are some recommended practices for managing the Super Admin role:

  • Document critical account information like licenses, billing details, domain registrar, etc. and share with other Admins.
  • Store Super Admin login credentials securely in a password manager.
  • Set up two-factor authentication for additional security.
  • Maintain a contingency plan to transfer Super Admin access if the role holder is unavailable.
  • Review Super Admin permissions and settings annually.
  • Monitor account activity logs and user audit reports regularly.

By putting procedures in place to manage and transfer the crucial Super Admin role, you can prevent business disruption in case the existing Super Admin leaves the company or is unavailable.


The Super Admin has unrestricted access and control over the entire Zoho Workplace suite. Planning for contingencies through a standardized Super Admin transition process is vital for account security and continuity.

With the steps outlined in this article, you can seamlessly transfer the Super Admin role to another trusted Admin user in your organization. Maintaining updated documentation and following password security best practices will ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities when required.