How to Equip and Apply Badges in Apex Legends Game

Apex Legends is a popular battle royale game where players compete to be the last squad standing. As you progress through the game and improve your skills, you’ll unlock various badges that showcase your achievements. These badges can then be equipped to your banner to show off to other players.

As an Apex Legends player with over 500 hours of playtime, I’ll explain everything you need to know about equipping badges and making your banner stand out.

What are Badges in Apex Legends

Badges represent your accomplishments and milestones in Apex Legends. There are various types of badges:

  • Level badges: Awarded when you reach certain account levels.
  • Legend badges: Unlocked by completing specific challenges with each legend.
  • Weapon badges: Earned by getting weapons to level 20 and completing their respective challenges.
  • Season badges: Limited time badges only available during certain seasons or events.
  • Account badges: Track your overall progress and stats across all legends and seasons.

In order to equip a badge, you first need to unlock it by completing the required objective. Once unlocked, badges can be equipped to your banner to show off during character selection and when you win as the champion squad.

How to Equip Badges in Apex Legends

Equipping badges is simple:

  1. From the lobby, select the legend you want to customize
  2. Navigate to the “Banner” tab
  3. Select one of the 3 badge slots
  4. Choose the badge you want to equip from the list

You can equip up to 3 badges per legend. Mix and match to create the perfect banner that matches your playstyle and flexes your accomplishments.

Here are some tips:

  • High rarity badges tend to impress other players
  • Match badges to your equipped trackers for consistency
  • Level badges showcase your overall experience with the game
  • Rotate badges to keep your banner fresh

Tips for Unlocking and Applying Badges

Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges

Challenges are the easiest way to unlock badges as a new player. Rotate through the daily and weekly ones to quickly accumulate a variety of badges.

Main Specific Legends

Each legend has their own set of unlockable badges. By maining specific legends, you can unlock rarer and more impressive badges for them.

Improve Your Gunplay

Getting weapons to level 20 unlocks their respective badges. Hot drop and take as many fights as possible to quickly max out your favorite guns.

Play During Special Events

Limited time events offer exclusive badges. Make sure to grind out challenges and rewards when available.

Analyze Your Stats

Check your stats and records to see which badges you are close to unlocking. Target certain accomplishments that are within reasonable reach.

Showcasing Your Badges

Once you unlock badges, make sure to actively equip them so others can see your flex. Here are some ways to put your banner on display:

  • Equip badges on your main legend
  • Rotate badges so others see variety
  • Play as champion squad so all players see your banner
  • Finish matches with flashy banner poses and frames
  • Craft animated badges to make your banner stand out

Unlocking and equipping badges takes some effort but allows you to show off your accomplishments. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to deck out your banner to impress your squad and strike fear into your enemies. Let your badges do the talking!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many badges can you equip at once?

You can equip a maximum of 3 badges per legend on their banner.

Do weapon badges carry over between seasons?

Yes, once unlocked, weapon badges can be used across all seasons.

Can you equip the same badge on multiple legends?

Account badges can be equipped by every legend. Other badges can only be used by the associated legend.

What are some of the rarest badges in Apex Legends?

Some notably rare and difficult badges include the 4k damage badge, 20 kill badge, 50 wins with 8 legends badge, and Apex Predator rank badge.

How often do special event badges occur?

Event badges are usually available during holidays, collection events, and season launches which occur multiple times throughout the year.

Can I craft animated versions of all badges?

Only certain epic and legendary quality badges can be crafted into animated versions using metals and crafting materials.


Equipping badges allows you to show off your accomplishments and experience in Apex Legends. Unlock badges by completing challenges, leveling up weapons, and playing during special events. Equip your rarest and most impressive badges to intimidate enemies and impress your squad. With so many options, you can create unique banners that properly represent your legend.