How to Equip and Use Night Vision Goggles in GTA V Game

Night vision goggles are a useful accessory in GTA V Online that allow players to see more clearly in dark areas. Here is a complete guide on how to equip and use night vision goggles in GTA V game:

Acquiring Night Vision Goggles

There are a few ways to acquire night vision goggles in GTA V Online:

  • Purchase from Ammu-Nation store – You can buy the night vision goggles for $17,500 from any Ammu-Nation store in the game. It comes bundled with a black ski mask.
  • Unlock after completing Humane Labs Raid heist – The goggles unlock for purchase after completing the Humane Labs Raid heist finale. You need to complete all the setup missions and then finale of this heist.
  • Obtain randomly from heist preps – You have a small chance of getting the night vision goggles as a reward after completing certain heist prep missions.

Once acquired, the goggles will be available for use anytime in GTA Online.

Equipping Night Vision Goggles

To equip the night vision goggles:

  1. Bring up the Interaction Menu by holding down the Touchpad on PS4 or View Button on Xbox One.
  2. Go to Style > Accessories.
  3. Select ‘Gear’ and switch to the Night Vision option.

The goggles should now be equipped on your character’s head/mask slot.

Activating Night Vision

After equipping the goggles, you need to activate night vision mode to get the enhanced visibility.

On PS4:

  • With goggles equipped, press and hold down on the D-Pad
  • A menu will appear in the bottom right with the “Activate” prompt
  • Select Activate to turn on night vision

On Xbox One:

  • With goggles equipped, press and hold down on the D-Pad
  • A menu will appear in the bottom right with the “Activate” prompt
  • Select Activate to turn on night vision

On PC:

  • With goggles equipped, press N key
  • This will directly activate night vision without needing to bring up any menu

When night vision is active, your screen will have a green overlay and you will be able to see much better in dark environments.

To turn off night vision, simply open the Interaction Menu > Style > Accessories and switch the gear to None or any other option.

Tips for Using Night Vision Goggles

Here are some tips to use the night vision goggles effectively in GTA Online:

  • Activate night vision when entering tunnels or buildings with no power
  • Use goggles when driving at night to spot NPCs and players easier
  • Equip during stealth missions for better visibility indoors
  • Combine with thermal scope on sniper rifle for enhanced long range target detection
  • Turn off when not needed as the green overlay can be distracting
  • Remember to recharge/replace batteries when prompted

Buying Extra Batteries

The night vision goggles need batteries to remain operational. Over time, the battery will drain and you will get a prompt to replace it.

You can buy replacement batteries for $500 from Ammu-Nation stores. Stock up on several sets of batteries so you don’t run out while in a mission.

Alternatively, you can unequip and re-equip the goggles to reset the battery at any time.


Having night vision goggles can give you a tactical edge in GTA Online, especially during stealth missions, heists, and nighttime combat. Equip them by accessing the Interaction Menu and activate using the prompts. Make sure to stock up on replacement batteries. Use the goggles judiciously by toggling them on/off when needed.

With some practice, you can master the use of night vision goggles and gain better situational awareness. This allows you to spot enemies sooner and gain the upper hand in fights.