How to Find and Use Fun Voice Changing Filters in TikTok App

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. Part of its appeal is the wide variety of fun effects and filters that users can add to their short video clips. One especially popular category of effects is voice changing filters – these allow you to record a TikTok with your voice modulated to sound different. Keep reading to learn all about the voice filters available in TikTok and how you can use them in your own videos!

An Introduction to TikTok Voice Effects

TikTok offers a feature called “Voice Effects” which is accessible when editing your videos. This section includes filters that can change the sound of your voice in different ways – some silly effects make your voice high-pitched or low-pitched, while others make your voice echoey or sound robotic.

The voice effects are easy to find and apply while editing a TikTok video:

  • Once you finish recording your video clip, tap the checkmark button and then the “Voice Effects” icon on the right sidebar.
  • This will open a menu showing you all available voice changing filter options.
  • Tap any filter to preview it or select it to apply the effect to your TikTok permanently.

Some popular voice filters on the platform include:

  • Chipmunk – Makes your voice high-pitched and squeaky like a chipmunk.
  • Baritone – Lowers the pitch of your voice dramatically.
  • Helium – Gives your voice a funny high-pitched helium effect.
  • Echo – Adds an echoing effect to your voice.
  • Robot – Makes your voice sound robotic, metallic, and distorted.

Finding New and Viral Voice Effects

TikTok rolls out new voice filters all the time. Some gain huge popularity when they first launch, showing up in many users’ videos before they become widely available.

For example, in Fall 2022 many TikTokers started using realistic-sounding voice effects like “Jessie” and “Deep” that could convincingly modulate people’s voices. Videos using these went viral, even though initially they were only enabled for some test users.

Here are some ways to find the latest and most viral TikTok voice changing filters when they are released:

  • Check your Voice Effects menu often – New options regularly appear in the menu so check back frequently to see if any new filters have been added that you can try out.
  • Look out for viral effects in other TikToks – When you see videos using fun new voice effects, check if they are available in your own Voice Effects options. Popular ones will usually roll out widely after some initial testing.
  • Search relevant hashtags – Try searching hashtags related to the effect name or theme. For example #robotvoice, #vocalfilter, or #voicechanger may show you TikToks using new effects you can keep an eye out for.
  • Follow TikTok trend reports – Various TikTok news accounts on social media share updates about new viral effects that are launching. Following these can clue you into new voice filters gaining traction.

Using Voice Effects Creatively on TikTok

Once you’ve found some fun new voice changing filters to use, get creative with ways to incorporate them into your own TikTok videos!

Here are some ideas for making engaging TikToks with voice effects:

  • Comedy sketches – Voice filters lend perfectly to funny skits and sketches. Try acting out a silly scene with the chipmunk or helium filter enabled for humor.
  • Voiceovers and lip-syncing – Lip sync popular song lyrics or famous movie lines with your voice modulated. The contrast between the visuals and unexpected voice can be funny.
  • POV videos – Create mini “point-of-view” style videos where you pretend to be various characters like a robot, alien, or magical creature speaking directly to viewers.
  • Trending meme formats – If a particular TikTok meme format or trend involves a viral voice filter, make your own version to ride the popularity!
  • Altering singing voices – Some musical or lyrical TikTok creators use effects like robot or echo to add interest when showing off their singing talents.
  • “Before and after” comparisons – Record one part of your video with a normal voice, then the “punchline” section with a dramatically modulated voice for maximum contrast.

The key is choosing effects that enhance or play off the existing content well rather than just adding them randomly. Get creative with the voice changing capabilities!

Best Practices for Using TikTok Voice Effects

To ensure your TikToks using the built-in voice effects come out well, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Check audio quality first – Record a test clip and listen back before applying filters to ensure your raw audio sounds clear. It’s harder to fix issues after adding effects.
  • Consider adding captions – Since some strong effects like robot or baritone can make speech less intelligible, captions help viewers understand the words.
  • Use effects judiciously – While filters can add interest, overusing them throughout an entire video can get tiring. Sprinkle them in at key moments.
  • Preview the final result – Always preview your clip with effects applied before posting publicly. Make sure the modulation level sounds good.
  • Refine through editing – Use TikTok’s editing tools like trimming clips and adjusting audio levels for the best final voiced video.

Viral Opportunities with Voice Effects

Adding a hot new viral voice changing filter can be a great way to quickly grab attention and views on TikTok if you jump on trends early.

For example, one creator named Jenny B (@jennybeeen) used the Trickster effect shortly after it launched to create one of the first videos showcasing it. Her clip introducing the filter and demonstrating how it sounded gained over 300,000 likes rapidly when the effect went mainstream.

Hopping on trending voice effects this way when they are still fresh can give your TikToks a visibility boost. So keep an eye out for the next silly or funny voice modulator going viral on the platform!


From chipmunk to robot, TikTok has no shortage of built-in voice changing filters to take your videos to the next level. As you discover new effects and incorporate them creatively into sketches, memes, songs, and other content, you tap into what makes TikTok so fun for millions.

Stay updated on the latest viral audio trends and features so you can use them to grab attention fast when they first emerge. With voice effects that are realistically modulated, you may even confuse some viewers at first listen!

Embrace TikTok as a creative outlet by finding fresh ways to transform your voice. Before long, you might have a viral hit on your hands that launches you to TikTok fame!