How to Remove Annoying Discover Tab from Your Snapchat Application

  1. Hide specific channels you don’t want to see. Long press on a video from that channel and select “Hide”. This removes that channel from your Discover feed.
  2. Unsubscribe from channels already in your feed by toggling off “Subscribe” in the pop-up menu when you long press on a video.
  3. Change your ad settings to see fewer ads. Go to Settings > Ads to customize which ads you see.
  4. Report inappropriate content. This provides feedback to Snapchat on content you don’t want to see.
  5. Use an older version of Snapchat, such as 10.22.2, which has a less prominent Discover tab. However, this prevents you from getting the latest features.
  6. Interact more with the content you do enjoy, and the Snapchat algorithm will start promoting more of that type of content to you over time.

In summary, while the Discover tab cannot be completely removed, you can minimize the content you don’t enjoy and promote the type of content you prefer through Snapchat’s algorithm. Let me know if you have any other questions!