How to Find and Use Stickers in Telegram Messenger

Telegram is a popular messaging app that allows users to communicate securely. One fun feature of Telegram is its large collection of stickers that can be used to liven up conversations. This article provides a comprehensive guide on finding, adding, and using stickers in Telegram on both mobile and desktop.

Finding Telegram Stickers

Telegram has an enormous library of sticker packs that can be browsed and added. Here are the main ways to find new stickers:

  • Search for Stickers in Telegram: Tap on the sticker icon when chatting and tap the “+” button to access the sticker search bar. You can search by keywords for relevant sticker packs.
  • Check Featured and Trending Sections: The app showcases curated featured and trending sticker packs on the sticker search page. Scroll through to browse recommended packs.
  • Look in Public Telegram Channels/Bots: Many public sticker channels and bots like [@Stickers] exist to share free sticker packs. Simply join the channel or chat to download sticker packs.
  • Third-Party Websites: Sites like [] catalog stickers and let you preview packs before downloading them in Telegram. Useful for finding topical packs.

Adding Sticker Packs

Once you’ve found some stickers you like, adding them takes just a few taps:

  • Tap the “+” button on the sticker panel when chatting.
  • Tap “Add Sticker Pack” after selecting the pack you want.
  • A preview of stickers will appear. Tap “Add Stickers”.
  • The pack gets added to your list! It also gets saved so you can access it later.

Some tips when building your collection:

  • Limit Size: Be selective when adding packs as each one takes up device storage space. Remove unused ones periodically.
  • Organize Packs: Use favorites, recent and archived tabs to manage packs instead of keeping all packs in the main list.

Using Stickers in Chats

Stickers are a fun way to communicate. Here are tips to use them effectively:

  • Access Sticker Panel: Open the sticker panel by tapping the sticker icon next to the text box when chatting.
  • Browse Tabs: Switch between tabs to find recent, favorite and downloaded packs faster.
  • Search Stickers: Use the search bar to quickly find relevant stickers from your packs.
  • Send Stickers: Simply tap a sticker to instantly send it in your chat!
  • Use Sticker Emojis: Combine stickers with emoji reactions to better express emotions.
  • Make Sticker Combos: Send multiple stickers in creative combinations to tell a visual story.

Stickers on Telegram Desktop

The Telegram desktop app also has support for stickers. To use stickers on PC and Mac:

  • Open Sticker Panel: Click the sticker icon on the bottom toolbar when chatting to open sticker panel.
  • Browse and Search: Desktop stickers feature is similar to mobile. Browse packs or search for relevant stickers.
  • Send Stickers: Hover over a sticker and click to send. Recently sent stickers appear at top for quick access.
  • Sync Packs: Link your Telegram account on desktop and mobile to sync sticker packs between devices.

Tips for Desktop Stickers

  • Pin favorite packs to top of panel for quick access.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to open stickers panel faster (CTRL+Shift+E on Windows/Linux, CMD+Shift+E on Mac).
  • Resize sticker panel wider to easily browse through more stickers.

Creating Custom Stickers

Telegram allows converting images into custom stickers for personal or public use:

  • Create Sticker Pack: Tap the hamburger menu > Stickers > Create New Sticker Set. Name your pack.
  • Add Stickers: Upload images from gallery. Customize display order. Add emoji tags for easy search.
  • Publish Stickers (Optional): Toggle on visibility to submit pack for public usage. Share pack link with others.

Things to note:

  • Optimize images to meet dimension and size limits before uploading.
  • Make stickers with transparency for seamless overlay on chats.
  • Add relevant emoji so your custom stickers are searchable.